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7/27/19 4:20:05AM
Observing this week and overall, this events buildup. I am directly focused on not the main event but the storyline that won’t stop poking its head, Cyborg is obviously a big star, not that we get that from the promos, and she is clearly being manipulated and clearly influenced by promotional variables. Not only is she being called out, but she is having her entire character insulted. As a fan I appreciate the insight, but wish there was more dissection and attention, but I guess it’ll all play out tomorrow. I just think, in a short way, think we need to be aware of ufcs power and their strategy to undermine such a valuable and pivotal portion of wmma, if not mma’s history and lineage.
7/28/19 6:33:50PM
That's the story of Chris Cyborg, the unwanted female goat who was soo recently dethroned, but so quickly discarded. The Cyborg UFC relationship is bad, so is the Diaz UFC relationship and countless other smaller named fighters. What can you do though, they are a private company and there is no union to check them so the fighters are easily bent over. Maybe the future will be brighter but it is going to be in my kids' lifetime...not mine.
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