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7/25/07 12:15:15AM
So i just started BJJ and i was wondering if power bars actually work. I know they do have a lot of vitamins and minerals but will they actually help my performance if i take them before sessions?
7/25/07 12:19:07AM
lol no if your going get taped your going get taped, not really they are ok but its not going help you do better, i love bbj,the best way to get better is to become a matrat roll roll roll roll is the only way you are going get better
7/25/07 12:26:01AM
thanks, but i think i worded my question wrong. what i meant was are there any health benefits to eating them?
7/25/07 12:31:22AM
im sure they are, they cost so much for 1 they better be it will help you i think just dont do that energy drink crap now that will not help you
7/25/07 1:05:11AM
I actually just quit drinking energy drinks, my friend is only 14 and he already has high blood pressure from them. i never drank those for energy or performance though, i knew those don't help
7/25/07 9:10:05AM
Energy drinks (like Gatorade) restores electrolytes in your body that you lose when sweat. Water just restores water. It's good to have lots of water, but you need to replenish electrolytes too. Don't drink too much Gatorade though. It is high in sugar and has a lot of sodium in it so it's best just to have it after sweating a lot.

I don't know how your friend got high blood pressure from energy drinks (unless you are referring to Red Bull)

As for energy bars. I wouldn't take them. I think they are just not worth it. For the cost of one energy bar you can have a banana, high quality multi-vitamin and a granola bar. you'll get a lot more from the latter combination IMO.
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