Police Investigating UFC Legend Matt Hughes in Alleged Nose Breaking Brawl

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5/3/11 1:22:04PM
UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes is known for his down home mid-western simple man values. He's an outspoken Christian conservative and family man who's been critical of other fighters such as Randy Couture for their lifestyle choices. Now TMZ is reporting that Illinois police want to talk to Hughes about an incident in a bar:

TMZ has confirmed 37-year-old Hughes was named in a police report filed in Taylor Springs, IL ... stemming from an April 23 incident at a place called Trails End Bar and Grill.

According to a source who was inside the bar, Hughes got into an argument with a male bar patron ... which led to some forceful shoving.

Sources tell us ... the woman is alleging Hughes pushed the other man into her ... and she suffered a broken nose in the collision. TMZ obtained a photo of the woman's face taken after the incident.

5/3/11 2:40:06PM
Matt Hughes in a bar
5/3/11 3:43:51PM
who starts sh!t with matt hughes?
5/3/11 4:23:18PM
Should have known the broken nose wasn't a result of a Matt Hughes punch
5/3/11 10:49:45PM
I call shenanigans, it was probley his twin brother Mark 0=)
5/4/11 4:36:50AM
Matt Hughes normally comes through my area all the time during hunting season, and while I don't know him personally, I know a lot of people that do, including one of my cousins. According to all of the people I know, Hughes is a prick. I've heard that he and his brother often go to bars and try to start fights and act like school yard bullies. It could all be slanderous hearsay, but I'm just saying that if all that stuff I hear is true, then he very well could be responsible.
5/4/11 8:09:29AM
Someone wants to make a buck
5/4/11 10:02:02AM
Looks like she was hit with an ugly stick
5/11/11 3:32:16PM
Matt Hughes was not charged due to lack of evidence.
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