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9/9/07 2:56:08AM
Wanted to see how everyones picks and wagers went with all the upsets. I picked only a few right and lost half my money. Better luck next time I guess
9/9/07 8:13:10AM
7-2 on picks, only losses were Hamill & Cro Crap. Good overall but those two bummed me out because I was perfect to that point.
9/9/07 4:17:33PM
I should have put more on Rampage because I was almost positive he'd win the decision and there was no way I was putting money on Cro Cop. He's great but he's way to risky for such a tiny return.
9/9/07 9:04:15PM
I went 5-4 but I put 200 on Kongo so that evened things out nicely. I really didn't have a lot of hope for Kongo but the odds were great and I just kept thinking about Crocop/Hunt so I did it. 1240 payout on my first big wager.
9/10/07 12:50:03AM
i didnt do to good on picks but made some good money
9/10/07 11:49:19AM
I bet my entire bank on Hamill.


9/11/07 9:54:51PM
I havent won a single wager this entire season
9/12/07 12:19:07AM
I dropped two more fights.. I had the two favored guys (Cro Cop, and Kotani), like most people..
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