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2/13/11 2:16:11AM
I will be using these gloves for some MMA, Grappling, Light Bag and Mitt Work. I won't be sparring with anyone with these, just practicing technique with them. I came across 3, but I don't know which one is best suited for me. I'm open to all your thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations.

1. Title Classic MMA Grappling & Bag Gloves
2. Grant M1 Bag Grappling Gloves
3. Title MMA Bag Gloves

2/13/11 9:12:07AM
Me personally, I prefer training in gloves that have the same feel as the ones I'm going to fight in. I would be more concerned about wrapping my hands well, than about the type of glove I'm using.
2/13/11 12:39:35PM
i like the brand Fighting Sports. they got some good quality stuff. take a look at these. Fighting sports MMA gloves
2/27/11 12:56:07AM
I need no one, with bare hands
3/5/11 4:26:59AM
if you think about it , Let's hear it for the fighter
3/27/11 1:10:41PM
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