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4/15/07 12:16:18PM

Baroni claims that UFC President Dana White -- who has also been feuding with Shamrock -- promised to double Baroni's purse and pay for his training expenses if he knocked out Shamrock.

4/15/07 12:28:09PM
LOL just shows how much Dana hates Frank and how much he would give just to see him lose. Gotta love the guy!
4/15/07 1:34:45PM
...shamrock...didnt he retire cuz he sucked too much
4/15/07 3:37:56PM

Posted by aznteabagger

...shamrock...didnt he retire cuz he sucked too much

Wrong shamrock! We are talking about kens younger, more talented and if reports are to be believed, arse-whole of a brother.
4/15/07 4:12:36PM
I never thought much of Phil after his loss to Pete, then i realized he was dillusional.
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