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8/1/10 5:13:20PM
Paul Daley, who was let go by the UFC following a post fight punch on opponent Josh Koscheck, will get a second shot with a major promotion as he has signed a new 6-fight deal with Strikeforce that will see the welterweight debut in 2010.
8/1/10 5:49:38PM
nick diaz is gonna stomp all over him lol.
8/1/10 5:56:07PM
I'm not so sure, but I think Diaz would take it easily if it goes to the scorecards.
8/1/10 6:03:42PM
i dont see how Diaz loses this one besides a cut lol. Diaz has a chin and will probably get dropped once or twice but who knows. i think hell out strike Daley and im sure we all know what will happen if it goes to the ground lol.
8/1/10 6:26:48PM
diaz would just work for the takedowns probably. i dont think he wants to mess with daleys power all that much. i am not as enamored with diaz's striking as some are, it is reliant on wearing people down slowly chip by chip, and i dont think it is the best style against an explosive striker. he can beat up ground guys with his stand up and stand up guys with his ground game, but i dont think he would win a straight kickboxing match with paul daley
8/1/10 6:41:26PM
Paul Vs Nick would be good cant wait
8/1/10 6:48:43PM
Hecan beatnick standing, but honestly, diaz couldpull guard and sub Daley with ease.
8/1/10 7:42:30PM
Good pick up for strikeforce

Joe riggs, nick diaz, cyborg

I wouldn't be suprised if daley gets title shot against diaz
8/1/10 7:49:14PM
Someone has to fight Heiron soon, that guy has been waiting (and calling out Diaz) since Janurary!
8/1/10 8:44:54PM
Wow SF is starting to get a nice WW stable of fighters built up. I hope they can keep goin and adding on. To al of their divisions that is.
8/1/10 9:24:16PM
Daley is the type of guy Nick Diaz would lose by cut to.
8/1/10 11:21:16PM
I would take Daley over Diaz.
8/1/10 11:33:51PM
Would be a great scrap. Diaz isn't the one to take it to the floor asap. Just think of all the potential smack talk before, during and after the fight
8/1/10 11:56:17PM
Diaz might get dropped once, but when Daley comes in for the kill he gets subbed with ease.......
8/2/10 2:46:09AM
This is Nick Diaz's fight to lose. He can win it standing but why risk it when you're far superior on the ground. Don't make the mistake Dustin Hazelet did.
8/2/10 2:36:18PM

8/2/10 11:08:50PM
WTF! You cut me deep Daley......your bust!
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