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8/3/10 6:10:11PM
Paul Daley will soon face the music for his suckerpunch of Josh Koscheck at UFC 113. His manager says the Quebec Athletic Commission has a hearing set for August 10 to address the incident, in which Daley slugged Josh Koscheck after the final bell of their co-main event-fight. Daley is set to appear at Shark Fights 11 on Sept. 13 but his manager is confident any punishment won't interfere with that date. No confirmation of the date yet from QAC officials.

8/3/10 7:32:01PM
wonder what will happen 2 semtex? will they make an example out of him at the hearing?
8/3/10 8:04:07PM
They should
8/4/10 6:24:32PM
i hope he gets some kind of suspension. What he did is no different than what the Cesar Gracie guys did to Mayhem. He should be punished.
8/4/10 7:26:52PM
He's lucky this wasn't in Vegas and possibly facing a jail or prison sentence for assault !! either way whatever happens i'm glad we don't have to see his ass in the UFC anymore.
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