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10/24/09 3:20:45PM
Hey All,

What are some of your tricks and techniques for passing someones guard (punching them in the face isn't an option )?

I tend to lean weight to one side, drive my hand into that side's hip, push with my elbow on their knee while with the other hand/forearm pressing near their neck till you break their leg's grip. This leaves one suseptible to triangles and armbar though...yes that's speaking from experience haha

So just wanted some thoughts.

10/24/09 3:49:44PM
Put one hand on their stomach, stand up, put the same side knee under their tail bone, sit down driving your knee in their tail bone, with your other leg knee over their open leg into side mount.

This works much better at breaking a tight guard than the elbow trick.

There are others, but I gotta run.
10/24/09 6:45:33PM
1 Posture up

2 Push on your opponents stomach to create space

3 Put your elbow into the side of the knee that you plan to pass

4 Bring your knee up to replace your elbow

5 As you stand to pass use your opposite hand to defend against opponents opposite leg

explode on step 5 and you should come up in side control or in dominant striking position on the scramble
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