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8/2/07 2:07:58AM
What is the most painfull but practical submission technique???

for me is either
twisted ankle lock


Eddie Bravo's twister OUCH!!!!

what's your technique??

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8/2/07 7:30:49AM
bicep scrape
8/2/07 9:00:07AM
I would say a heel hook or a bicep slicer. I'm not sure if those were already picked and just given different names.
8/2/07 10:46:11AM
Yeah I think the bicep scrape/slicer is the same thing. And it hurt likes hell.
8/2/07 11:07:25AM
heel hook mainly because it destroys your knee you dont really feel anything that bad until it snaps
8/2/07 11:13:09AM
I say the old bullet between the eyes. Man does that hurt
8/2/07 11:16:05AM
heel hook mainly because it destroys your knee you dont really feel anything that bad until it snaps
================================================================ I Agree
8/2/07 11:28:57AM

Posted by akumairon

heel hook mainly because it destroys your knee you dont really feel anything that bad until it snaps

This is why I practice any submissions with knees very slowly.

Regarding the bicep slicer. I don't understand the big deal with this technique. It hurts, but not that much.
8/2/07 12:42:02PM
fish hooking.
8/2/07 1:57:24PM
Crucifier (not the crucifix)....rear naked choke, but instead of a choke, an exagerrated full nelson w/ hands pushing on back of the head.

I've pulled it off a few times and had someone do it to me to see how it felt.

You can't tap because your arms are strung up and your legs are bound by the scissors and you can't say "uncle" because you're too busy choking on your own windpipe, whil the stretch makes your spine feel like it's really sucks

or a grapevine w/ a bullrider coupled w/ a forearm're not sure if your shins are going to snap or if you'll choke to death
8/2/07 5:19:46PM
Please keep this stuff in the training forum
8/3/07 10:59:24PM
2. Can Opener( Any Neck Crank/ Cervical lock can go here though, they all suck equally bad.)
3. Kneebar
4. Bicep Slicer
5. Heel Hook
In my experience those are pretty much the worst things to get caught in, but anything hurts if it's done quickly and with excessive force.
8/4/07 12:19:52AM
arm bar also hurts if its done by a guy who used to do weight lifting lol
8/4/07 12:57:30PM
Bicep slicers, calf slicers, kneebars, kimuras, ankle locks, and neck cranks.
8/8/07 1:00:06PM
1. any neck crank (and newbie fools who dont know what they are, and rip your head off with them)
2. all the slicers/scrapers
3. twister
4. tight kimura
5. heel hooks & knee bars
8/8/07 1:09:34PM
I f*$king hate heelhooks. It's just the thing that it doesn't hurt until something snaps, and if you turn the wrong way you break your own knee. So I usually tell the person I'm rolling with to avoid them.
8/8/07 11:35:44PM
yeah my club doesn't allow heel hooks to be performed we are just taught the escapes thats all
8/9/07 5:37:29PM
Five on Two and the doctor. Both are pretty bad especially if performed at the same time. Sorry, couldn't resist.
8/9/07 9:27:07PM
can openers suck but there easy to get out of
8/10/07 4:20:21AM
Shin locks are horrifyingly painful, but easy to get out of. Face locks can bring tears to your eyes if the person doing it is an insidious bastard.
8/10/07 4:18:40PM
true very true
8/11/07 2:06:18AM
For me it is the RNC. Not the pain when it is applied, but like 3 hours later when it hurts to swallow or move your neck. I am not talking about if you don't tap at a reasonable time. Obviously if you break an arm or tear a knee it hurts more. I just hate practicing RNC due to how feel the next day. No other sub practice does that to me.
8/11/07 3:07:25PM
huh thats weird ive never had that feeling in my neck before you must be getting some shitty RNC that are applied to your trachea for that to happen
8/12/07 2:39:37AM
That generally only happens to me when someone has hooks in and arches my back while doing it, because it exposes more of the throat. Otherwise my neck might be sore, but not my throat.
8/13/07 12:50:58AM
guillotines dont hurt but for some reason every time i get put in one if my chins not tucked the back of my neck pops and hurts like a bitch.. but other then that pain i think most painful is a key lock or kimura
8/18/07 8:58:11PM
kimura is a bastard ive seen like 3 people get there arm dislocated with it
9/5/07 8:22:48PM
Calf slicers make me weep.
9/6/07 11:31:52AM
gogoplatas are really bad if its done right, it chokes u out really slow and u cant get out of it
9/10/07 3:06:50AM
any technique done properly.
9/11/07 9:02:28AM
its not supposed to hurt if its done properly your opponent is supposed to tap before it hurts there are just some that hurt a metric butt load when applied
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