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1/13/10 10:43:06AM
any here ever use it??? Just wondering everyone's thoughts on it.
1/13/10 11:34:06AM
I've never used it myself, but I did review some of it for my bro-in-law, who asked me to look into it. From what I saw, it looks to be a good rudimentary program. I've received positive feedback from him as well. If you are at a medium level of fitness knowledge or higher, I can't guarantee you'll get your money's worth though.
1/13/10 11:57:46AM
Though I've never personally done it I have a friend who recovered from a severe back injury thanks to the P90X. He knows his stuff, is in great shape, and highly recommends it. Based off that I have to assume it works great.
1/14/10 9:41:23AM
thanks guys. I think my wife is going to get this for my birthday. I heard it lacks some in cardio, but oh well I guess I'll just add a couple of mile jogging.