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9/21/09 7:36:38AM
Tonight's the night-the big 3 night Dancing With The Stars premiere. Remember to tune in and VOTE FOR CHUCK! On a related note, over the last few days ABC began running ads featuring Liddell and the other athletes competing this season. As expected, short spots but certainly not terrible.

Voting starts when the show begins. Phone and text lines will stay open for 30 minutes after the end of the show. Online voting will remain open until noon (Eastern Time) the next day. The first results show is Wednesday. Stuff the ballot boxes and keep Chuck on past week 1!
9/21/09 8:56:04AM
Sorry, Chuck. Colts > dancing.
9/21/09 9:48:46AM
Maybe if he was fighting the other contestants. Then maybe I'd tune in.

Good luck to him, but I'll watch Football or preseason hockey over that anyday.
9/21/09 10:41:31AM
No pressure...

In fact, some publications have annointed Liddell the early favorite to win this season of the show.

That snip from Junkie. Also...

Although not official, we're told the number
to vote for Liddell will be (800) 868-3402.

I'll verify when the number is displayed.
9/21/09 12:38:15PM
Y'know, I think this is a really good thing for Chuck. I wont be watching, I hate shows like this and I doubt it will air in the U.K anyways, but a couple of months not getting punched in the head constantly, and getting himself into shape could do him wonders. I could be way off, mabeys he'll just slow down even more after this and get k.o'd by Alan Belcher in his next fight, but I think it was a good decision for the Ice Man.
9/21/09 2:41:47PM
Football > Dancing Chuck
9/21/09 5:33:02PM
My girl is so stoked for this. I will not be watching as it hurts my brain, but I'm sure it will be on tonight.
9/21/09 6:21:56PM
9/21/09 10:10:04PM
Just saw the video here Link. Ive got no idea whether thats good or not. It was certainly weird to watch though.
9/22/09 7:18:56AM
The judges gave them 16 out of 30, which is kinda so-so. Go vote for Chuck!
You have to register if you haven't before, it's free and only takes a few seconds. Once you have, you can vote up to 8 times. After the next episode begins tonight you can go back and vote 8 more times. You can also call or text during the show.
9/22/09 10:47:08AM
You better win this, Chuck. I just went to freakin' and gave Disney Corp. personal info for you.
9/22/09 11:19:40AM
I wish I could find a non-YouTube video of this dance. It's blocked for me!!!
9/22/09 11:21:08AM

Posted by emfleek

I wish I could find a non-YouTube video of this dance. It's blocked for me!!!

Holy hell. I can't believe I posted this.

9/22/09 11:55:41AM
The episode(s) can be viewed on
9/22/09 7:14:17PM
It was alright...I think
9/22/09 8:06:56PM
That was definatly pimp.
9/28/09 9:05:42PM
Chuck's second dance was tonight and he received praise from all 3 judges.

*And* he got some new ink on the side of his head.
9/30/09 9:57:15AM
Chuck lives to dance another dance! Kathy Ireland was sent home last evening.
10/14/09 6:40:27AM
Sadly, it's time to jump off. Chuck got eliminated last night. Well, he gave it a good run and since he lasted past week 1 I'd call it a success. Re-commence the "will he or won't he" talk when it comes to fighting and retiring.
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