UFC offers Fedor $2mill per

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9/1/07 4:36:47AM
Tagg Radio has heard from a very reliable source in Fedor's camp that the UFC has offered Fedor Emelianenko two million dollars per fight for four fights. Fedor's deal will also allow him to fight in Russia. Emelianenko's camp is on their way back to Russia to as we speak to hopefully seal the deal.

9/1/07 5:45:39AM
Hope this is true! Fedor can't turn this offer down
9/1/07 6:17:31AM
i dunno, this smells of massive bull-donkey if you ask me. but i would love to be wrong about this one.
9/1/07 7:41:29AM
i agree with duggy. i too hope i am wrong but a gaurenteed 8 million over four fights is by far more money than ANY ufc fighter has collected. even Liddell who got the belt then defended it 4 times got much less than that.
9/1/07 8:02:31AM
I think it is bull sh**, but like every1 else, i hope i'm wrong. Nobody can turn down an offer like that
9/1/07 9:36:09AM
Fedor getting $2 mil per fight, while the undercard guys get $3k per fight, lol. Honestly, after all the ridiculous stipulations that Fedor's management team is putting up I'm starting to get a bad taste in my mouth for him/them. Can you imagine if a nascar driver demanded that nascar do races in his home country (if he weren't from the US) and demand to hire a bunch of his friends? They'd laugh at him... Have to credit Dana for working at these negotiations though, we all know he has a short fuse but he's sticking with it to get the fans another potential set of dream matchups.
9/1/07 12:34:42PM
Well K-1 offerd him 1 mill a fight, so I think the UFC has to offer something like this.
9/1/07 2:36:43PM

Posted by deadone

Hope this is true! Fedor can't turn this offer down

no kidding, 2 mil a fight... if this happens all of the other UFC fighters are going to be pissed!!! chuck makes what? 400 000 - 500 000 a fight? and fedor comes in with 2 mil?!?!? I know fedor is good, but how good is he in an octagon, with elbows?
9/1/07 2:52:23PM
Fedor doesn't care about money, he's pissed off at the exclusivity and inherent restrictions that come with signing with the UFC. He may sign with another org for less money but without the massive restrictions
9/1/07 5:23:46PM
if 2mil is true and fedor doesnt sign idk but IMO he may not wanna fight in the HW div with the best in the world...UFC fighters are the best IMO maybe fedor dont think he has what it takes?? 2mil for 15min 25min max of work would be nice
9/1/07 5:32:53PM
I agree, if this is true (which its not) he would be either crazy or scared.....or smart??
9/1/07 6:44:34PM
If Fedor refuses this offer then he is just plain stupid and I won't care where he goes and who he fights. The UFC is where he will get the most notoriety, fame, and coverage. With it will come all the sponsors and deals that will make him more than just rich, it will make him an icon so long as he stays on top.
9/2/07 2:40:22AM
what makes you think fedor cares one way or the other about being an icon in america? its much more important that he is the face of the sport he loves in the country he loves imo. and for all of the people who say that his management has crazy demands the only thing i saw in any articles that was a demand was being able to fight in combat sambo. the other stuff sounded like they were things they would like, not things that were dealbreakers. can you imagine the ufc signing a gracie and not letting them compete in bjj? these sports are a part of who these fighters are and it is not unreasonable to want to be able to compete.
9/2/07 7:31:43AM

Posted by loonytnt

2mil for 15min 25min max of work would be nice

erm.. more like 2 months of hard training, but still 2 mils are quite good
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