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2/18/09 9:30:21AM
Hello! New and hoping to figure out how all this works. Read all the faq's and what not. Seems like a lot more then I thought.
2/18/09 9:41:58AM
There's really not a whole lot to the game aspect of MMAPlayground. Once you get in to it, you'll see that it's not difficult or complex AT ALL.

Welcome to the site. Enjoy! And if you have questions, feel free to ask 'em. There's a 99.9% chance you'll get a serious answer.

2/18/09 11:03:04AM
Where do you share your pics and look at others? Thanks for the welcome!
2/18/09 11:15:22AM

Posted by theimmortaljedi

Where do you share your pics and look at others? Thanks for the welcome!

That's something that usually done privately. Some people will post a topic from time to time explaining who they're picking for a given event and why but I don't do that simply because this *is* a game and if I think I have the right picks/finishes selected, I don't really want someone to copy that.

However...picks are discussed frequently amongst members of fight camps. Each camp has its own messageboard where members can post their opinions on certain fights and predict the outcomes. This helps members who are undecided to make their picks.

Hopefully that helps.

PS...There's no way to look at someone else's picks BEFORE an event. You can click on their name to see their history for previous events, though.
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