NSAC issues PRIDE 33 medical suspensions

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2/27/07 10:28:42PM
Dream Stage Entertainment
The Nevada State Athletic Commission has suspended Nick Diaz until Aug. 24 due to suffering a right orbital floor fracture in his fight against Takanori Gomi.

2/28/07 1:18:41AM
Damn, Gomi may have gassed in that fight. But he still brought his ole hitting hard as **** spirit with him to the ring.
2/28/07 7:16:08AM
diaz deserves another fight with sanchez
2/28/07 8:46:10AM
so a fighter can be suspened b/c they are injured? So can it be lifted if the injury heals faster than expected?
2/28/07 9:32:26AM
Yes, the suspension can be reduced and likely will. The 6 months is what the NSAC considers the maximum time it will take to heal.
2/28/07 12:07:00PM
okay thanks.
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