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2/13/08 1:07:09AM
A new MMA concept will be realesed in Dubai.On the 13 of March 4 MMA fighters who will battle each other in a tag match. But the most beautiful thing is the people can choose wich fighters will be in a team.

check for a promo clip

Youtube link :

2/13/08 10:29:29AM
<<<< hangs head in shame >>>>
2/13/08 10:35:17AM
Sometimes i feel like i will never be able to legitimize this sport to some people because of things like this
2/13/08 10:39:19AM
And to think there will be some people who will be seriously marking out over this. Personally, I just can't see how this will work.
2/13/08 11:11:44AM
Hey it is in Dubai... Do they have tigers in Dubai? If they don't they should get some... And we could have MMA vs tigers... In a cage, now that would be a true test of sport and courage... And hell, we could give the audience dart guns with mildly poison tipped darts that they could shoot at whoever...

Read... sprinkle sarcasm throughout... enjoy
2/13/08 12:30:49PM
This has actually been done before in ZST...... it failed....

ZST tag team MMA
2/13/08 2:04:30PM
2/17/08 1:26:31PM
This is a fairly retarded idea.
2/17/08 5:17:55PM
Idiotic, nothing more.
2/17/08 8:40:57PM
That is a pretty stupid concept. Wow!
8/2/08 9:09:21PM
This is the dumbest thing to happen in MMA. Dude, that ZST video was hilarious. Did the ref give that dude a yellow card? What the hell was that?
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