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4/10/07 3:38:48PM
4/10/07 3:54:09PM
sorry i posted this like two minutes after you did, i didn't see your post before i did it.
4/10/07 4:05:31PM
Does this mean our records will change?
4/10/07 4:32:39PM
I would understand the NC for performance enhancing drugs....but for pot? They believe it helped his performance? That is a tough one to swallow.
4/10/07 4:33:00PM
It's a good thing they are changing the outcome of the Gomi/Diaz fight. Everyone knows what an unfair advantage pot gives a fighter!
4/10/07 5:03:04PM

Posted by richieb19

Does this mean our records will change?

And if we bet on Gomi, will we get our money back?
4/10/07 5:56:59PM

Posted by edenov

Posted by richieb19

Does this mean our records will change?

And if we bet on Gomi, will we get our money back?

Better not change. Just because some morons overturn the ruling does not change the fact Diaz tooled Gomi. Im starting to agree with Diaz, I think the whole world is out to get him.....
4/10/07 7:27:41PM
gimmie my $190 back i lost on gomi then. I lost so much on sanchez the other night,i need some money
4/10/07 8:32:35PM
we should get our money back.
4/10/07 8:48:19PM
There are implications with the enforcement of pot (and other drugs) used to control minority groups. I don't want to start a racial debate, but I know someone that left police training when she found out the history behind illegal substance control.
4/10/07 9:05:41PM
All points and bets should be overturned it can be done it will just be a pain in the ass for the computer geeks running the site.

Can a mod give us a heads up.
4/11/07 9:51:06PM
...weed fucks you up badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, so i dont see how it should be ruled against diaz, even though i dont like diaz
4/14/07 12:45:25PM

Serious questions have been raised when The Nevada State Athletic Commission took the unprecedented decision to officially reverse Nick Diaz's win over Takanori Gomi to a no-contest. The Commission's official explanation was defined by Dr. Tony Alamo when he stated at yesterday's hearing that Diaz "only won because he was so intoxicated by the effects of marijuana that he became numb and thus didn't tap out to Gomi's punches." According to Dr. Alamo, Diaz would have lost the bout. At the hearing he stated to Diaz "I was at that fight and you came in glossy eyed".

Diaz admitted to having smoked marijuana but was adamant that he was not stoned the actual day of the fight. "I was the co-main event and was there (at the arena) for 4 hours before my fight. The room I was in was full of people and officials, how could they think I came in stoned?" notes that the NSAC has refused to overturn decisions in the past when the winners tested positive for illegal steroids, anabolic masking agents and/or marijuana.

Nick's manager, Cesar Gracie, noted "They railroaded Nick on this one. He did something stupid as far as I'm concerned when he failed the test and I told him he would be fined and suspended. However it was clear that they were looking for a reason to overturn Nick's win. They had absolute no reason to beleive he was on anything in the fight and their far-fetched speculation was the only way that they could overturn his win. I wonder how people like that can sleep at night. Luckily the true fans can see right through this B.S. and know who the winner was.

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