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6/5/08 10:31:18PM
Right guys, recently there was a tragedy in my family and a aunt i haven't seen since I was ten or so died. I'v been left £2000 in her will and since I'v paid off my over draught with my job, nearly paid off my holiday and I'v finished uni for the summer I decided I'll treat myself.
I do Audio Technology and I play in a band so I thought I'd make the sound investment of a new guitar!
I'v already got a modified Epiphone Les Paul (I wont bore you with the details but its sweeeeet!) A old beat up Gibson Acoustic that my granddad gave me and a few other guitars not really wort mentioning.
Anyway I play mainly blues stuff at home and the band draws its influences from the greats (Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Doors, Guns n' Roses and Skynyrd).

Anyway I'v narrowed my choices down to two guitars I pretty much love.

Choice 1: Gibson Les Paul Studio in mahogany.
Choice 2: Angus Young Gibson SG.

So both sound great, both look awesome, both cost around the same price, both will get my girlfriend horny and both want me to buy them.

I need help, what one would you guys pick?
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6/5/08 10:42:35PM
both sweet guitars, but definitely the Angus Young Gibson SG. in my opinion.
6/5/08 10:44:12PM
Oh god both are nice the first has more of a sophisticated sort of look and the 2nd is just like if some sees that they either shit and automatically think you r a god amongst gods at playing the guitar or they see that take running lessons from Kalib Starnes then a month later they grab that guitar and run!
6/5/08 10:45:31PM
Im not a guitar player, except Guitar Hero which i rule at So i cant really comment on the sounds of the two guitars. But i really think there is no guitar more beautiful then Les Pauls, there is just something about the look to them, its mesmerizing.

Edit: Yeah, the SG is kind of flashy SmileR, there is no doubt it would be a great guitar though.
6/5/08 11:14:33PM
Cant go wrong with either...Personally i like the SG design..but A les paul is a les paul..
6/5/08 11:22:46PM
Id say an sg. I absolutely love sgs and its pretty much all i play. Les pauls are awesome to though, so i guess its really down to personal choice becouse in terms of sound and playability (is that even a word?) there both awesome. I got a custom white paint job on my sg and i wouldn't play another guitar even if it was given to me for free. Its just straight up awesome.
6/5/08 11:47:58PM
Angus Young SG
6/5/08 11:55:15PM
LES PAUL thats the ultamate. after all Slash plays the Les Paul.
6/6/08 11:20:32AM
I would definietely have to chose the Les Paul but I agree with everyone else. Both are sweet.
6/6/08 12:13:05PM
NO question. If it is a Les Paul or anything, you choose the Les Paul.

Les Paul
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