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6/2/08 10:57:21PM
Inspired by AchillesHeel, My camp has done another draft and need people to choose which card is the best.

Its simple, vote for which card you would pay to see if you could only choose one.


Card MMA 1 - G.O.A.T.
This fight card features 11 bouts, Including 3 Championship bouts (HW,LHW,LW), a 8 man Tournament for the #1 Contender shot in the LW division, and an Openweight Battle that could bump GSP as the #1 p4p in the world. This card is Completely stacked with FOTY Match-ups.

LW #1 Contender Tournament: Opening Round
1. Frankie Edgar vs. Vitor Riberio
2. Clay Guida vs. Tyson Griffin 2
3. Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz 2
4. Eddie Alvarez vs. Joachim Hansen 2

HW Championship Match.
5. Mark Hunt vs. Aleksander Emelianenko

LW #1 Contender Tournament: Semi- Finals
6. Winner of Match 1(Edgar, Shaolin) vs. Winner of Match 2(Guida, Griffin)
7. Winner of Match 3(Gomi, Diaz) vs. Winner of Match 4(Alvarez, Hansen)

LW Championship Match
8. Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Sean Sherk

LHW Championship Match
9. Dan Henderson vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira 2

10. Tournament Finals: Winner of Match 6 vs. Winner of Match 7

Open Weight Legends Match
11. Georges St. Pierre vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua


Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz 2 - FOAT Candidate If youve seen the first i need not say more. #1 fight of '07, and my favorite fight to date.

Eddie Alvarez vs. Joachim Hansen 2 - FOTY Candidate The first was the 2008 fight of the year leader IMO.

Clay Guida vs. Tyson Griffin 2 - FOTY Candidate The number one fight in the UFC's LW division in 07.

Frankie Edgar vs. Vitor Riberio - Classic Wrestler vs. BJJ practitioner match-up. Should be a ground battle for the ages, Edgar will get his first test against a top notch bjj guy and Riberio will get his first taste against a strong, technically sound wrestler.

* Regardless of who wins, the second and third round all either contain FOTY matches again or Interesting Match-ups.

Mark Hunt vs. Aleksander E. - Hardest Puncher in mma vs. The Thickest Skull in K-1. Both fighters come forward and like to brawl hard. I dont see how this could dissapoint if you like the Hw division at all.

LW Championship match
Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Sean Sherk - Two top ten lightweights, ones an incredibly strong wrestler and the other is an incredibly effective counter-wrestler. With pride rules and knees to the head allowed LnP should not be an issue.

LHW Championship match
Dan Henderson vs. Lil Nog 2 - another rematch, the first fight was highly entertaining and since then both fighters have grown.

Gsp vs. Shogun - Shogun is only a little bit bigger than Gsp, and this has fireworks written all over it. Name 1 boring fight either of these guys were in. They both come forward relentlessly and both could end the fight on the feet or on the ground. How would shogun do against an explosive wrestler whos well rounded? How would gsp do against a k-1 calibre striker who can match his strength and athleticism? Great fight with 2 p4p greats.


Heavyweight Tourney to Declare the Best HW in the World!!!!(Minus that crazy Russian)

Before the fights begin their is announcement that Fedor was invited to compete, but he declined as their are too many quality opponents in the field and he did not want to risk losing. Also, Cro Cop declined to fight in the tourney because he has lost his mojo and is reduced to grappling Gracies.

16 Man Heavyweight Tourney

Opening Round
1. #1 Randy Couture vs. #16 Shane Carwin
2. #2 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. #15 Brett Rogers
3. #3 Tim Sylvia vs. #14 Cain Velasquez
4. #4 Andrei Arlovski vs. #13 Jeff Monson
5. #5 Josh Barnett vs #12 Roger Gracie
6. #6 Fabricio Werdum vs. #11 Heath Herring
7. #7 Gabriel "All Heart" Gonzaga vs. #10 Frank Mir
8. #8 Ben Rothwell vs. #9 Sergei Kharitonov

Quarter Finals
1.Couture/Carwin vs. Rothwell/Kharitonov
2.Big Nog/Rogers vs. Gonzaga/ Mir
3. Sylvia/ Velasquez vs. Werdum/ Herring
4. Arlovski/ Monson vs. Barnett/ Gracie

Semi Finals
1. QF Matchup 1 Winner vs. QF Matchup 4 Winner
2. QF Matchup 2 Winner vs QF Matchup 3 Winner

Semi-Final Matchup 1 Winner vs Semi-Final Matchup 2 Winner


-- Alternate for OWGP --
1. Alistar Overeem vs. Thiago Silva

-- Alternate fot OWGP --
2. Frank Shamrock vs. Vitor Belfort

-- OWGP Opening Round Match 1 --
3. Rameau Sokoudjou vs. Ricardo Arona ll

-- OWGP Opening Round Match 2 --
4. Tito Ortiz vs. Babalu Sobral

-- Middleweight Grudge Match --
5. Kazuo Misaki vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama ll

-- OWGP Opening Round Match 3 --
6. Wanderlei Silva vs. Robbie Lawler

-- Dream Lightweight Championship --
7. Shinya Aoki vs. Gilbert Melendez

-- OWGP Opening Round Match 4 --
8. Anderson Silva vs. Chuck Liddell

-- OWGP Semi Finals --
9. (W. Silva / Lawler vs. Ortiz / Babalu)

-- OWGP Semi Finals --
10. (A. Silva / Liddell vs. Sokoudjou / Arona)

11. (Winner of Match 9 vs. Winner of Match 10)

Fight Card #4

The Ultimate PPV… Match-ups designed for pure FIREWORKS!

In a cage, UFC rules

Match 1:
Gray Maynard – Jens Pulver

Jens has the name and the experience, but he is smaller and weaker than Maynard. While on the surface it may seem a bit mismatched, picture the devastating stand-up and never quit cardio of Pulver against the brute wrestling strength on Gray. Neither man will tire and all hell will break loose!

Match 2:
Roger Huerta – Thiago Tavares

Two electrifying 155ers. Huerta is known for his uber-exciting and fast paced matches and Tavares is a submission wizard who is looking to be impressive after his last lack luster decision win. Both men are looking for a shot at the 155 crown and need super impressive wins over game opponents to get there!

Match 3:
Melvin Manheof – Matt Linland

Possibly the most devastating striker to ever dawn 4oz gloves puts his stand-up on the line against a brilliant, cerebral assassin of a fighter in Matt Linland. Certainly two men that always enter the conversation when elite, exciting 185ers comes in to play. This is one of the classic examples of styles makes the match. The hammers Melvin swings versus the Olympic level Greco of the “Law.” This one will be poetry in motion!

Match 4:
Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva – Kimbo Slice

These 2 goliaths will square off in a match that could end with any one punch that gets thrown. Do not blink. For Monsters they both move incredibly well, and although Kimbo has shown heavy hands and an iron chin, Silva has the same and may be the man that can really dominate Slice in the clinch, get the takedown and really work to a finish from there!

Match 5:
Miguel Torres – Wagney Fabiano

Two miniature wrecking crews. Miguel is the smaller, but far more experienced fighter. They are both champions and have shown the ability to knock out an opponent or submit him almost instantaneously. These men are truly elite in their respective weight classes, and Torres being on the top 10 p-4-p fighters list should really close the 10 lb. gap Fabiano has over him.
Match 6:
Denis Kang – Paulo Fihlo

Devastating strikers, black belts in BJJ, tons of international experience, great personalities for the sport… absolutely nothing more to ask for! Kang the far more precise and technical striker, but Paulo has an iron-clad chin and throws anvils in those gloves. Both are ground masters and strong as bulls! This fight will NOT go the distance.

Match 7:
Forrest Griffin – Ryoto Machida

No one can seem to find a way to even hurt Machida, and Forrest seems to find a way to pull through against almost anyone. One of the most unique skill sets in the MMA game versus one of the biggest hearts and toughest bastards to ever get in a ring. Forrest never tires, and Machida doesn’t seem to need to work hard enough to get tired. This will be a truly interesting chess game!

Match 8:
BJ Penn – JZ

155 at its best. JZ is dying to redeem himself after suffering an injury in a loss during a rematch he never should have had to fight. (It was legit, but he was absolutely dominating in the 1st match) BJ has never looked better and it seems as though he is now Anderson Silva at 155. JZ could be the man to derail the BJ train. He is faster and stronger, hits harder, and is also a sick BJJ black belt. Can he find a way to use all of those separate advantages together to actually do some damage to BJ, a guy who seems to be a totally complete package?

Fight Card #5

WEFC (World Extreme Fighting Championship)

MW #1 Contender Tournament: Opening Round
1. #1 Demian Maia vs. #4 Ricardo Almeida
2. #2 Yushin Okami vs. #3 Nate Marquadt

LHW Matchup
3. Keith Jardine vs. Rashad Evans

WW Matchup
4. Matt Serra vs. Diego Sanchez

MW Matchup
5. Rich Franklin vs. Michael Bisbing

HW Matchup
6. Brandon Vera vs. Cheick Kongo

MW #1 Contender Tournament: Finals
7. Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2

Co-Main Event - WW World Championship Matchup
8. Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto vs. Urijah Faber

Main Event - HW World Championship Matchup
9. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Fedor Emelianenko

Fight Card #6

Cung Le vs Martin Kampmann

2--Carlos Condit vs Chris Lytle
3--Thiago Alves vs Marcus Davis
4--Jon Fitch vs Jake Shields
5--Kos vs Hughes

Manny Tapia vs Brian Bowles

7--winner of condit/lytle vs winner of fitch/shields
8--winner of kos/hughes vs winner of alves/davis

Karo Parisyan vs Nate Diaz

winner of 7 vs winner of 8

Rampage Jackson vs Brock Lesnar
6/2/08 11:04:09PM
i go for number 6
6/2/08 11:04:33PM
I'd go with #3, personally.
6/2/08 11:07:52PM
card 3, with card 1 being a close 2nd

you took a lot of time with this, i expect a trend of fantasy matches coming up....
6/2/08 11:10:32PM

Posted by emfleek

I'd go with #3, personally.

I like #3 as well.
6/2/08 11:26:54PM
Looks like #3 is pretty popular. That would probably be my pick too. I would watch 'em all though, so props on the good work
6/3/08 2:24:21AM
Card 3 with Card 6 close 2nd
6/3/08 2:54:55AM
card 6...Thiago Alves vs Davis is the #1 fight i want to see. i am so obsessed with that match-up that i would honestly pay the whole PPV price just for that 1 fight
6/3/08 2:58:26AM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

card 6...Thiago Alves vs Davis is the #1 fight i want to see. i am so obsessed with that match-up that i would honestly pay the whole PPV price just for that 1 fight

did you see the smoker match of the 2? Because they did fight before.
6/3/08 5:03:23AM
Def #3
6/3/08 5:56:40AM
My vote goes to #2. Barnett/Gracie, GG/Mir are especially intriguing to me. Even without Fedor and CC, this would be an absolutely awesome spectacle. Nice card. #1 and #3 look pretty good too.
6/3/08 6:27:26AM

Posted by Pookie

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

card 6...Thiago Alves vs Davis is the #1 fight i want to see. i am so obsessed with that match-up that i would honestly pay the whole PPV price just for that 1 fight

did you see the smoker match of the 2? Because they did fight before.

i know they fought before...but i would kill to see the rematch since both of them improved ten fold. i even broke it down (with my own little bias):

Alves vs Davis II

Thiago Alves is a warrior with the heart of a champion. He has a complete well-rounded MMA game with vicious stand up and well versed BJJ. His muay thai has really shown us how dangerous he can be, especially through his fights with Tony DeSouza and Chris Lytle. Alves has nasty leg kicks, some of the best i have ever seen implemented in MMA, and he knows how to trade as exemplified in the Lytle fight with powerful hands as well. he is a black belt in BJJ, but now-a-days who isn't. he is well versed on the ground but some times gets overanxious and puts himself in bad positions like he did against Spencer Fisher finding himself in a triangle. i think that he is now more cool and collected and won't make those same mistakes anytime soon but his JJ is more of a defense instead of an offense because his forte is definitely the muay thai which he has been doing since he was 15. Davis is my favorite fighter and always puts on an exciting show as well. his MMA game is ever-evolving as he is learning how to incorporate his boxing more and more into his game while also picking up some very impressive JJ skills as of late. the former number one super middleweight in New England, Davis has really hard hands with KO power that should not be overlooked. as seen in his last fights, his kicks are getting better and his submission game is increasing at a phenomenal rate. with a beautiful ankle lock victory over Pete Spratt and that come from behind armbar victory over Paul Taylor (one of my favorite fights because it displays how versatile he truly is) it leaves me astonished at this seemingly solid JJ game that came almost out of nowhere. I think Alves has the advantage with the kicks, Davis with the hands, which ill see a close stand up battle. on the ground, i see Davis' crafty JJ having an advantage over Alves' defensive JJ and might see Davis trying submissions. However, i think these two warriors will keep it standing and by the 3rd round, Davis will land a punch worthy from a former number one super middleweight in New England and will KO Alves after an interesting and exciting stand up war. My Prediction: Davis 3rd round KO
6/3/08 7:54:28AM
Card #1.

Of course I'm biased since Aleks and Fedor are my two favorite HWs.

BTW, why isn't Aleks or Hunt in the HW tourney on card # 2? You took a shot a Fedor in explaining why he isn't there (although it's REALLY because you know he'd win it) , but surely the other two should be there.
6/3/08 9:17:55AM
That is all.
6/3/08 9:20:39AM
I like the 1st and 3rd but my choice is #3
6/3/08 3:24:54PM

Posted by Manfred

Card #1.

Of course I'm biased since Aleks and Fedor are my two favorite HWs.

BTW, why isn't Aleks or Hunt in the HW tourney on card # 2? You took a shot a Fedor in explaining why he isn't there (although it's REALLY because you know he'd win it) , but surely the other two should be there.

Well that is my card and they were already selected. after all it is a draft, so I had to make an excuse why they were not in it, trust me I would have rather had Fedor, Aleks, and Hunt in their, but they were chosen. The Fedor and Cro Cop comment was just a joke.
6/3/08 7:40:11PM
Yeah these cards were made by six different people.

And so far it seems card #3 is going to win.
6/3/08 11:30:28PM
Number 3 no doubt for me!!
6/4/08 5:26:46AM
Bump, mines #1 btw
6/4/08 2:59:18PM
there all damn good but #3 is something spectatular
6/4/08 3:11:53PM
I like card 4
6/9/08 11:37:19PM
All the cards are good, but if I had to choose I'd go with #3! That one owns! Wanderlei Silva vs. Robbie Lawler sells it for me(fan of both, especially Robbie). I would love to see that fight, Robbie would sadly probably go to sleep....but it'd still be a hell of a fight to see! Also, Silva vs. Liddell would be sweet! Another one of my favs would go to sleep, but I like Silva too. #1 is a close second though!
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