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POLL: Ulitmate Fighter 5 Champion is...
...Nate Diaz 55% (53)
...Manny Gambaryan 45% (43)
6/21/07 6:31:47PM
i'm gonna have to give this one to Nate. Manny is an explosive little SOB but i think when he takes Nate down Nate's Jiu Jitsu is gonna be too much for him. Manny did pull off a nasty kimura on Noah but Nate isn't gonna let that happen. Not to mention Nate has some nice stand up too. I think Nate is gonna stop this fight in the 2nd round via triangle or armbar.
6/21/07 7:28:59PM
6/21/07 9:30:07PM
ive gone with nate from start so still going for him manny has shown alot shall be a hell of a fight. diaz come rocking is world an catch him up hopefully
6/22/07 12:14:18AM

50% / 50% for each fighter as I type this. 40 votes a piece. Can't get more even than
1/30/08 1:56:01AM
it was a good fight, nice shoulder pop too
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