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5/1/10 11:16:57AM
I consider the major organizations as Ufc, Wec, Strikeforce and Dream. In the month of april they have had 9 title fights combined. 8 of those 9 fights have gone to a decision. With the lone exception being Henderson submitting Cerrone in the 1st rd. It just doesnt make sense to me. How could all these fights go to decision? I would guess that about 60 percent of 3 rd fights don't go the distance. So you would think that when you add 2 more rds then that percent would go up drastically. But instead almost 90 percent of them went to a decision last month. Do you think that it is just a lack of will to finish by the champs? Or maybe, the level of competition is so much higher. I just cant figure this out. what do you guys think?

Here are the fights
Silva over Maia
St. Pierre over Hardy
Edgar over Penn
Aldo over Faber
Henderson over Cerrone -The only finish-
Lawal over Mousasi
Shields over Hendo
Melendez over Aoki
Fernandez over Hansen
5/1/10 11:41:20AM
A big part is the stakes are higher so nobody is as willing to make a mistake. Another factor is that nobody wants to lose because they wore themselves out early. Also it's tough to finish a top level fighter when he is at his best and his head and heart are in the fight.
5/1/10 12:34:46PM
i think what it is, is nowadays in mma, 1 loss can stun your champs are starting to fight not to lose, instead of fighting to win......
5/1/10 1:39:36PM
I don't think we can make a blanket asessment for all of these non finishes....I believe its more case by case...
Let me preface all these with IMO:
Aldo had too much respect for an obviously hurt and beaten Faber to go in for the kill
Shields is just not good enough to finish guys that are also good on the ground.
Lawal was too tired
Gilbert was too scared to take a chance even though it seemed clear he was completely overpowering Aoki
Anderson Silva is just insane at this point or completely bored
Bj was not himself and Frankie is just not good enough to finish him...the rematch will be very different
GSP underestimated (as did everone I think) just how damn tough Dan Hard GSP plays it too safe with his wrestling.
5/1/10 3:51:08PM

Posted by Pskinner_mma314

i think what it is, is nowadays in mma, 1 loss can stun your champs are starting to fight not to lose, instead of fighting to win......

I would agree to some extend, as for the fighters fight not to lose but they are fighting to win and trying very hard at it except maybe (Silva) its just nowadays the challengers are way more skilled than the champs are giving them credit for, and with all the title fights happening the way they are the challengers are getting it in there head that they do belong in a title fight and wanna win.
5/1/10 7:04:03PM
I also see it as a case by case basis with a bit of tentativeness playing a factor. GSP has basically figured out that nobody can stop him from taking them to the ground so he utilizes his takedowns and just pounds it out. He was actively looking to finish Hardy and had him in two very tight submission holds but was unable to close the deal. GSP does beat the hell out of his opponents on the ground he's just too smart to sacrifice dominant position for a submission that might not be there.

Anderson....I think we've talked enough about him. Moving on.

As with the previous assessment, I don't think that Edgar was able to finish Penn and Penn didn't even look like he cared one way or the next when the decision was announced so, I don't know about this one.

Aldo absolutely crushed Faber but respects his ability to turn things around in an instant. Given that this was their first fight, I think he aired on the side of caution knowing that there was no way in hell Faber was going to win that fight as it was currently playing out. In a rematch, not that they will have one, I think Aldo would finish him fairly efficiently.

Mousasi is a very tough opponent to put away and Lawal doesn't have the conditioning yet. Not to mention he was operating with one eye. it was said earlier, he can't finish top level opponents. He stuck with what was working. Though in Shields defense, I thought that fight should have been called at one point when Shields had full mount and was literally using Hendo's head as a speed bag. If it were anyone other than Hendo, I think the fight would have been called.

Melendez knows what Aoki is capable of and fought to his strengths.

I didn't see the Hansen vs Hernandez fight so I won't comment on something of which I am ignorant.
5/2/10 3:55:12PM
I like to think the fighters are getting better.
5/2/10 10:34:32PM
I just pray that mma isnt moving towards boxing where champs fight not to lose the belt.
5/2/10 11:14:52PM
They all are getting paid hourly and the fans aren't supposed to know. I figured it out and know I'm locked in Bas Rutten's basement were he demonstrates strikes to the groin on me for his videos. I untied myself and instead of escaping or calling the police I decided to post on
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