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1/27/08 7:46:02PM
Do you have any information on any courses that I would be able to take to learn how to be a MMA referee? I've boxed (on and off) for the last 15 years and I have been training in BJJ for the last year and I'm interested in becoming a referee for the sport. Any advise on how I can pursue this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Steven
1/27/08 9:27:41PM
I would contact your states AC with questions, they are the ones who do the hiring so they would know the best ways to become a ref.
1/27/08 11:27:01PM
requirements may vary by state. In Texas, you are required to be licensed by the state. Fill out an application, pay $250 license fee and attend recognized/ certified referee training.

I have the application and have talked to the state rep this week. They are putting together the training and I will attend as soon as the next one is available. Different classifications for boxing, kick boxing and MMA.
1/28/08 1:58:45AM
that would be a kick ass job.. plus you can't get a better seat than that..
1/30/08 12:54:03AM
For MMA that's a simple one. Referee Nelson Hamilton runs a certification program. Just google him. I believe he does it in conjunction with Big John McCarthy.
8/28/08 2:42:35PM
These guys offer training information and info on certification:
9/8/08 10:45:01PM
actually this is some good info.. I am thinking of maybe going down this path as well since MMA is in its infancy here in TN
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