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4/14/08 12:40:27AM
Phil “The New York Badass” Baroni talks in an interview with about his upcoming fight with Murilo “Ninja” Rua during “Saturday Night Fights” on CBS on May 31. He talks about his steroid suspension, rematches with Frank Shamrock and Kala Hose, fighting in the UFC or Japan again, as well as his in depth analysis of Kimbo Slice as a fighter. It’s a pretty hilarious interview — check it out if you have timeSource
4/14/08 1:16:54AM
Baroni and Sherk are both guys that got pinched by the California State Athletic Commission and I've seen many interviews other fighters have done in which they've said that these two guys are some of the cleanest athletes they know as far as what they put in their bodies goes.

Then again, these two guys are more ripped than almost any other fighters out there. So I really don't know what to think.

Baroni isn't smart enough to become a world champion, IMO. Some of the shit he said here I found pretty funny, though. Just cuz he's a typical NY "Gumbah"

4/14/08 1:27:59AM
I think Ninja will take this if he's in shape. He's more well rounded the Phil and if he's got the better cardio(not hard) he should easily take it.
4/14/08 2:33:38AM
More well rounded, IDK man...he's a BJJ/Muaytai guy while Phil is a boxer/wrestler. Neither are well conditioned (usually) for long fights and both have had a slump recently...sounds kind of do or die for both of them though, with Ninja coming off the KO from Lawler and Phil coming off of 2 TKOs. I'd pick Ninja for a sub though when it all comes down to it.
4/14/08 10:35:54AM
They removed my last post here for fighter bashing. So I'll be nicer, Baroni is a one dimensional sub-par fighter. Ninja will pick him apart and expose his lack of skills. If Ninja can avoid catching a haymaker from Baroni, it's going to be a long night for the "New York Badass". Now imagine I said a bunch of other mean stuff about Phil and where he's from and how he talks.
4/14/08 2:56:17PM
even if baroni is in shape i dont see him winning this fight his jits arnt good enough to hang with ninja period
4/15/08 1:01:08AM
Ninja to hurt baroni in the clinch and then take him to the mat and work a submission in the 1st........
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