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POLL: Which Sub?
UFC 31 Carlos Newton v Pat Miletich = Bulldog choke 8% (4)
UFC 36 Frank Mir v Pete Williams = Shoulder lock 33% (16)
UFC 37.5 Pete Spratt v Zach Light = Armbar 0% (0)
UFC 41 Frank Mir v Tank Abbott = Toe hold 13% (6)
UFC 44 Karo Parisyan v Dave Strasser = Kimura 8% (4)
UFC 45 Matt Hughes v Frank Trigg = RNC 38% (18)
5/28/09 3:14:11PM
The next 6 are:
5/28/09 3:15:46PM
It was hard for me to decide, but Iwent with Mir's toe hold, because you like never see toeholds.
5/28/09 3:15:59PM
The 3 that stood out for me are:

Mir over Williams
Parisyan and Hughes

but in the end I liked the shoulder lock. It let the world know that Mir had arrived.
5/28/09 4:01:04PM
Went with Hughes RNC over Trigg. That was a huge moment in hughes career and was locked in nicely.
5/28/09 5:36:54PM
once again the bigger names beats the better pick.
5/28/09 6:21:57PM
How is Hughes' RNC winning? Rear Naked Chokes are the most common sub in MMA!?!? He did something almost every wrestler pulls off in their career.
5/28/09 6:46:11PM
i would have to go with hughes standing rear naked choke on trigg
even to this day u still hardly ever see that
and may have been most significant finish by a submission from hughes in his mma history
5/28/09 8:11:01PM
A lot of great subs on there. When I think of beautiful set ups to amazing submissions, though- I gotta go with Frank Mir. I chose the toe hold over Tank Abbott just because the way it was executed was absolute perfection. I know Tank's not the greatest of opponents, but man.. that was some good looking BJJ.

The Mir lock is very, very, very close, too. I mean, the damn thing was named after Frank Mir pulling it off, and I'm not sure anyone else has ever done another one in MMA competition. It was just a bit of an obscure matchup, so I chose Mir vs. Abbott over it
5/29/09 2:33:37PM
Mir and Hughes also tie, both will advance to the next round.
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