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6/1/08 12:10:15PM
It sounded like such a good idea when the news broke a few months ago that CBS would broadcast a series of mixed martial arts cards in prime time.

But after watching its effort on Saturday’s Elite XC show from the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., the good news might be if CBS opts not to do another show.

These were supposed to be the professionals who would show the amateurs at the Ultimate Fighting Championship, who do their own production, how it’s supposed to be done.

And while neophyte play-by-play man Gus Johnson acquitted himself well and analysts Mauro Ranallo and Frank Shamrock didn’t embarrass themselves, the broadcast dragged on interminably.

There was more chatting than “The Tonight Show.” Fighters were introduced as they made long, slow walks to the cage, then were introduced again once they hit the cage. Given that the show went 45 minutes over its allotted time, what do you want to bet the ring walks will be eliminated if there is another show on CBS?

6/1/08 12:26:45PM
I agree completely the face of EliteXC Kimbo Slice( although i throughly enjoy watching Kimbo fight) struggled agianst a over achieving, no better than average James Thompson. Then the best fight of the night gets called a no decision, because of a poke in the eye??? All they had to do is give Smith his 5 minutes, and it would of cleared up. They essentially robbed themselves of fans, and seemingly hurt peoples views of mma. It seemed that cbs was more worried about the showmanship of entertaining and promoting themselves than the actual mma fighting, they could learn a thing or two from other organizations.
6/1/08 12:27:32PM
This article was spot on. I can't put the blame on any of the fighters, but Gary Shaw and Elite XC failed miserably. They failed on many many levels...but anyone who watched the event knows that. Thank god for the Carano/Young and Lawler/Smith fights.

Coincidently, Shock + Awe = Shaw!
6/1/08 12:34:01PM
i actually disagree the fights were good, you cant blame EXC for the doctors stoppage. the ring walks were a little cheesy........this article is just fueled by dana white and his buddies at yahoo sports to discredit his rival promotion
6/1/08 12:38:31PM
Elite/XC on CBS was the worst thing i have ever seen.

6/1/08 12:58:07PM

this is event sucked, i can't wait till kimbo loses, well he did 2nite he just won cause hes shaw's puppet
6/1/08 1:05:23PM
Dana White had nothing to do with that artical. MMA looked bad last night. You had cheesey walks to the ring. Watching Phil Baroni walk to the ring grabbing his crotch to that song was a joke. Seeing the Big black posse in the ring was more of a spectacle. Listening to the announcers talk about the top middleweoghts as Anderson silva, Frank Shamrock and Cung Lee. What dope are they smoking. Having your "Face of Womans" not make weight. Three fights that seemed to be complete mismatches. the one fight that had decent fighters got called after not giving the fighter his 5 mins. Your hand picked star in a fight with a guy who in his last fight got KO in the first by a fighter you have fighting earlier in the night. The horrible refing you had in the main event. How was last nights show anything but a failure.
6/1/08 1:08:42PM

Posted by tuvok500

Elite/XC on CBS was the worst thing i have ever seen.

Then you missed the YAMMA.

More blame to NJSAC and CBS for watering down the product. They should air it on tape delay and remove the color of the blood. Then maybe we could get to see a finish.

MMA history was made when a man was KO'd still standing.

Overall this was barely MMA, a joke all in all.
6/1/08 1:28:08PM
I couldn't agree more with the article. The way cbs dealt with this event is the exact reason Dana White and the Fertitas haven't wanted to sign a major network deal yet. Last night was awful for the industry as a whole. Tonights card will be 10 times the event than what was on CBS last night. Congrats to networks like versus and spike for letting us see the sport in its purest form.
6/1/08 1:50:30PM
Great article! I have to agree with most of it.
I wasn't so "unimpressed" with the Ferguson/Thompson fight.
While Thompson has a KO button on his chin the size of Texas and he has become a tomato can in the past few years...he still was a good challenge for "Kimbo"....and challenge him he did. The Carano fight was good, the Lawler/Smith fight was great...I think the stoppage was ok...I am not a Dr. A Dr. can tell if he could see out of his poked eye or not. Fighter safety is paramount.
As for the announcers they should have had Quadros on and not Mauro. Frank Shamrock was the best of the commentary...the CBS commentary people stunk like rotten fish and it did drag on horribly at first which shows their disorganization.
The show could have been far could have been far doesn't really matter though...Gary Shaw can talk all the smack he likes....the UFC is the top dog.
While I will continue to watch really quote Triumph the insult comic poop on. They can evolve however and be a great promotion....but Mr. Shaw needs to go.
One thing is for sure....the CBS people jumped on the MMA bandwagon without doing any research...they may pay the price for it. It takes time Mr. Shaw. It takes knowledge of the sport as well. Rome wasn't built in a day....that is why the UFC is top dog...Nov 1993 to present...almost 15 years....and I have been a fan since UFC 1 way back when.
I think the only real issue is...Mr.Shaw's absurd BS proclamations.
Don't write checks your ass can't cash.

6/1/08 1:54:09PM
What a piece of crap for an article. Obviously written by some UFC fanboy.
6/1/08 1:56:14PM
I guess we have to say props to the UFC for holding off this happening for so many years even with all of the money being offered to them.

I don't even know who to blame since the worst part in my opinion was the way the event was interpreted by the medical staff and referees. They obviously had someone put the fear in them to stop anything and everything or else.

A stand-up from side-mount, not giving a fighter 5 minutes to recover from an illegal blow, multiple questionable stoppages. If you're going to be that scared to show fight finishes on a channel then maybe MMA still doesn't have a place there.
6/1/08 1:57:02PM
I liked the event it was good, not great but good, and they need to cut out the walkins and quit the talkin so much. Sayin so the events was good I thought it was funny when Kimbo busted that big ass ear, and Carono dont know how to spell, anyway I thought that was a good fight!
6/1/08 1:58:31PM
the lawler/smith fight was good but wasnt elite xc fault for the doc calling it.... same thing with the womens bout elite xc couldnt control that.... entrances and commentaters werent that good.... the shows and fights were good for thr most part......kimbo isgoing down he has so much to go still its not even funny
6/1/08 2:16:13PM

Posted by thatfedorsohotrightnow

Then you missed the YAMMA.

lol ya YAMMA has to of been the worst event in recent memory.

I agree with the article for the most part though.

but really, watch WEC tonight to see a good show put on.
6/1/08 2:24:10PM
Pretty much exactly what I thought. I'm not generally a fan of Iole's writing, but he nailed it in this one.

He posted almost exactly what I wrote last night in the spoiler's section.
6/1/08 2:30:02PM
I think there is enough blame to go around here. XC clearly doesn't have the stable of fighters that the UFC does, but I still think that you can blame the match making department for some of this.

Carano/Young, you're talking about a girl who has to really work to make weight in Carano (and clearly she didn't take the time to put in that work, more on that later), and Young who has to pack on pounds just to get to 140. How is this supposed to be a fair fight? I'm not a big female fighter fan, so admittedly my knowledge is lacking on the competition, but I know that Young is a legit striker who was brought out of her weight class to fight Carano, who couldn't even make weight.

As far as that goes- Carano should be ashamed of herself. I like her as a fighter, she's exciting to watch. But after I heard that she couldn't make weight I was rooting hard for Young to pull out the victory. I though maybe then Carano would take some time off to decide if she wants to be a fighter or celebrity. I was not at all impressed with her last night. I also think that XC has a gem in Kaitlin Young, and they should be putting her up against more opponents in her weight class. That would happen though because she doesn't have the great looks/marketablilty that Carano brough into this fight.

NJSAC def. has some blame coming their way too. Thats a few too many quick stopages for my taste. I don't doubt for a second that CBS has some sort of influance on those matches. Maybe not to the degree that a sensor was sitting ringside next to the Doctor's chair- but I think the Network atmosphere created added pressure.

IMO Thompson should share some of the blame for not mounting Kimbo at leasts once out of the 20 or so opportunities that he had. He could have/should have ended that fight the first time he got Kimbo down. There was every opportunity in the world to pass to mount, but he instead chose to move to side control, and let Kimbo get back up. It was rediculous.

Dan Mergliatta has no crediblilty in my book. If you look at the isolated video of Kimbo's final four unanswered shots, then yes- the stoppage was legit. JT was out cold on his feet. But, you've got to put it into the context of that fight. JT was no worse off in the final seconds then he was at least two other times earlier in the fight. Both times he was able to lean in for the clinch and recover enough to keep going. Kimbo was so gassed, he wasn't going to get that final blow in on JT anyway. This fight was going to go the distance, Kimbo had nothing left, and JT would have likely gotten that one last sloppy takedown, and done nothing from the top again to finish out the bout.

I'm not a Kimbo fan, and I was rooting against him, because I'm ready for the circus to finally leave town. But you can't blame him to eating everything he's been spoon fed. XC has decided to make him their posterchild, thats not his fault. The only problem now is that his next opponent will be a lesser fighter then JT, because Kimbo's still a "baby in MMA" as they say. The guy is like 34 years old, by the time he's got enough experience to be considered a veteran in the cage, he'll be old enough to be considered a serior citizen on the streets.
6/1/08 2:31:47PM
Wow, Yahoo! tore into this event big time. Not only that, they made it their featured article. That's got to hurt.

Of course, Yahoo! and UFC are strategic partners...but it only reinforces what a great move that was by UFC to align themselves with Yahoo!.

I agree though, the event sucked from beginning to end. Gina was great once again, but failing to make weight is embarrassing.

Bad reffing, bad stoppages, bad production, it was like Murphy's Law was in full effect last night.

6/1/08 2:35:01PM
Yea, there was alot of fluff and very little substance in that show. Remember when WWF tried to get into football and added a bunch of flashing lights, scandally clad cheerleaders and overhyped athletes?'s like that...EliteXC is the XFL of MMA. It will die out soon, that is unless they get the formula right and get some actual fighters.
6/1/08 2:44:23PM
i thought it was funny when gary shaw announced that he was giving smith and lawler both win bonuses. that to me sounded like a shout out to tito.
6/1/08 2:51:13PM

Posted by bigbubbano23

i thought it was funny when gary shaw announced that he was giving smith and lawler both win bonuses. that to me sounded like a shout out to tito.

Shaw stuck his foot in his mouth with that one...JT asked for the same treatment in front of the could he turn him down at that point?
6/1/08 2:56:22PM
good read, i thought the show started out pretty good and ended horribly with the way the kimbo fight went down and they way the lawler fight ended. lawler vs. smith was on its way to being fight of the year imo, it sucks it had to end like that. overall i thought the production was bad and the article was spot on.
6/1/08 3:24:42PM
"Have no doubt about this: Slice would be destroyed by any legitimate mixed martial artist. Had Slice faced ex-WWE champion Brock Lesnar, the current UFC rookie hopeful, he’d have been beaten in less than two minutes."

6/1/08 3:32:33PM
Good article, and have to say I agree with most of it.
This even was like watching a high school baseball game when you are used to attending Yankee games.

For free, I cannot complain, but the talent was extremely lacking and the production was absolutely horrible.
I already have people I work with (that have never seen an MMA event before but are well aware that I live for the sport) calling me and telling me that they don't understand what is so great about the sport I like so much.

For the real fans, I think they know to take that event for what it was worth (free), and understand that less talent is going to come from a smaller organization. However, feel this has hurt the sport for any newcomers wishing to give the sport a chance.

I don't understand how people can say that it wasn't EliteXC's fault for the stoppage in the Lawler/Smith fight. What was the doctor even doing in the ring before the 5 minutes was up? When a guy takes an illegal blow to the sack, you don't see a doctor in the ring cupping them and checking them out with a flashlight.
6/1/08 3:43:31PM
Ok UFC hardcore fans SETTLE DOWN!!!
Lets not get out of control here.

I thought Elite XC did a good job, if anything the doctors and ref were the ones who looked foolish..... i.e Lawler/Smith stoppage, and Kimbo's given win, due to a little fishy reffing.

YOU people have to remember, this event was basically to introduce MMA to the people who have no clue what it is. Thats why it was slow and long before we saw fights...CBS/ELITE XC wants to give you a little more insight to who the fighters are, and a little about how rules apply.

This was no UFC event, but I thought it was well done, minus the above.
So to you UFC fans, who dont think anything else is good. I suggest you chill out, and go jump on UFC.COM and let people enjoy something else for a change, instead of bashing everything else.
6/1/08 3:55:33PM
Yea the Kimbo fight I almost want to say was rigged.. Thompson for over a minute in teh 2nd round was raining down elbows and punches.. granted they were not overly powerful.. but I have seen fights stopped for less.. plus it did at one point kinda looked like kimbo may have tapped.. but that could have just been random hand movement... THen soon as Thompson starts bleeding the fight is stopped.. I do not think thompson knew he was even bleeding... .. I think they saw a chance to ensure Kimbo wins... and the ref was directed to take it... THe lawler fight was damn good.. NC so it really does not hurt each fighter.. I just hope they do a rematch naxt show.. this would be the fight to hype up and make the main event.. ..

I think the UFC should let brock do a one fight deal with Kimbo Brock would own him.. Even if it went to the 2nd or 3rd round.. Brock would be going strong.. Kimbo looked ready to pass out... but then so did Thompson... personaly this was a piss poor fight to have be the main event.. I really did not catch any other of the actual fights.. I change the channel when my kids are in the room.. I also caught the Baroni fight.. another major let down... There was just WAY too much hype between fights and then the fights themselves were let down in all but one case from what I saw.. and that fight was a bad stoppage with out giving the fighter his full 5 minutes.. They really need to get thier act together or this venture is going to end up failing miserably.. Though I thik the UFC could do this so much better if they maintain control of the show.. they could give a network a fight show to be happy about and one fans will enjoy both hardcore and new fans.. That show last night might actually have hurt MMA in the eyes of some with all the hype.. Most MMA shows are not like that.. at times I thought it was the WWE on tv..

6/1/08 4:08:20PM
I think Dana should make a 1 time deal with another major network and air a fight card , one that would be far superior to what we saw last night just to rub it in Gary Shaw's face!!!
6/1/08 4:22:15PM
i enjoyed the female fight and even the kimbo fight.. i was upset with the stoppage at the end of kimbo/thompson (althoguht i dont think JT was gonna win). and lawler ..l always fun to watch.. but it looked to much (as my professional wreslting buddy put it..) like WCW.. game over
6/1/08 4:46:13PM
last night was sub par at best.Frankly i was somewhat embarassed i told new viewers at my job to tune in.Clearly the female bout was the highlight followed by lawler and smith.I think the the major question was answered.... Is Kimbo Slice legit? Yes!!! Hes a legitimate street fighter and does not desrve the hype he recieves, not to say i would want to face him but, James Thompson is not even close to a ranked heavy wieght let alone name in mma.I think that last nights show put mma back to ufc5 in the publics eye.
6/1/08 4:52:07PM
That event was a joke, I think Vince mcmahon was behind it
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