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4/30/10 2:05:07AM
Here is a link to the MMA Live video on ESPN. They discuss Tito and Jenna, WEC PPV, and what's next for Benson Henderson & Jose Aldo. Included are statements by Tito and Jenna regarding the whole incident. Kenny Florian is part of the team bringing it some credibility.

For those who didn't know MMA Live will be debuting as an actual show on ESPN 2 on May 6th at 1AM ET, 10 PM, PST, and airing weekly at the same time on May 13th, 20th, and 27th.

In addition to this on May 8th live from Montreal you can view the Weigh In Special at 3:30 PM ET, 12:30 PM PST on

Preview special at 9 PM ET, 6 PM PST on ESPN2

Post Fight Extras at 1 AM ET, 10 PM PST on ESPN2

It's great to see that ESPN has jumped on board and will be giving fans a show dedicated to the sport of MMA

4/30/10 4:21:33PM
I really like watching ESPN Live and I try to catch it every thursday when they come out with a new one BUT this time I skipped about half of the show.

All they did was talk about Tito and Jenna with this stupid might as well be-a-publicity-stunt Stunt. it's so childish. Normally ESPN Live has some cool stuff and good interviews. Worth watching but yesterdays episode was dumb. felt like I was watching TMZ or some gossip news outlet like it.
4/30/10 4:32:23PM
Well, it was the hot-button issue of the week. After that they had some great interviews with Benson Henderson and Leonard Garcia. That salvaged the show for me.
4/30/10 4:45:22PM
Yeah, I understand that it was the "hot-topic" but, I think, things like that are personal matters that should be dealt with by the people involved. It is non of our business to give our two cents on who is wrong or right. I wouldn't butt in if my friends were having an argument with his girlfriend so why would I do it now? Some people like that gossip but not this guy.

The interviews after did salvage the show for sure. Like I said, I am a fan of MMA Live. it's a cool show and I am excited it will be on regular television.
4/30/10 4:50:30PM
I agree for the most part. I am only interested in the goings-on of the Tito/Jenna situation as it pertains to whether or not it will impact him fighting in the UFC again. Other than that, I couldn't care less. As they say, "my name is Paul and that's between y'all."
4/30/10 5:57:21PM
Yea. i think Jenna is just trying to drop everything to save her own ass now that Tito brought up her dirty laundry. I dont really care. The only thing i care about is if this messes up Titos career. If everything turns out to be false i think that is great. Dana shouldn't fire Tito. If he is going to fire Tito then he should defiantly fire Nate Diaz. Titos crime wasn't actually seen, but Nate kicked the **** out of miller on national tv.
4/30/10 6:20:42PM

That's one way of looking at it. Dana won't do anything to Diaz.
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