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5/16/08 6:34:26PM
They had a ton of great footage, the Florian "mma for dummies" segment was really well-done, and the analysis was good. I like inside MMA, but this was night and day.

LINK (video)
5/16/08 7:21:23PM
Great show! The music was a bit annoying but on the whole it was cool.
Kenny was charming as ever!
5/17/08 12:24:54AM
I completely disagree about the comparison to Inside MMA. Don't get me wrong, this was a good show, but the only thing it has an upper hand on is UFC footage and flashier graphics. The Inside MMA format and commentary is much more entertaining which is more important than a black and white analysis if you ask me.
5/17/08 2:32:35AM
Lets face it they dont have El Guapo
5/17/08 10:16:54AM

Posted by SpiderSilva

Lets face it they dont have El Guapo

that is so true.
5/17/08 1:24:37PM
the guy next to florian really didnt add anything into the mix.

His answers were very safe and very non-insightful.

I would have liked them to go more in depth and possibly break things down a little more.

this is espn and i expect more from them. I could name 50 members on this site that could have added more than he did.
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