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2/2/10 9:25:55PM
Hey guys I just got these gloves they are title mma classic hybrid training gloves. I got he large before I hadto return themcasue they were way to big got the regs and they are fine without my hands wrap but with my hands wrapped its justway to tight to the point of loosing circulation. Just wanted to know if anyone knew if they were to be used without wrapping your hands? Heres the link for them.
2/2/10 10:20:42PM
What length wraps are you using? Title makes a 120 mma wrap that you can't really go through your fingers but they may be what you need. also they will strech out as you use them or if you train with someone with bigger hands let them use them for a few days.
2/3/10 2:42:08PM
I use the 120s and i also have the wrap gloves and neither work. After about a minute I cant feel my fingers haha Yeah I figured after they get worked in an stretched out alittle I'll try. I'm 5"9 180 my buddy is 6'2 about 350ish I'll have him put his bear paws in there.
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