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6/17/07 11:01:29AM
The poll asks if you would rather watch the Pulver vs. Penn fight or the boxing match..... Hatton vs. Castilo on the 23rd. Click and vote. Let's show the sports community that MMA is a real sport with real fans. The poll is on the bottom right side of the site.
6/17/07 11:13:53AM
Looks like MMA is in the strong majority, no one wants to watch that sloppy bum Hatton fighting!
6/17/07 2:05:10PM
haha 81% for ufc on a boxing page
6/17/07 2:37:42PM

Posted by jdubs

haha 81% for ufc on a boxing page

haha,, that is so funny!!! .. thats great... take that boxing!!!
they just have to face the facts that mma is more entertaining!
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