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4/3/08 8:16:19AM

The MMA Fairy has returned for a third time.

This time, You need to put together your dream fight card.
It must be events that have happened already, bonus points if you can put it together like a UFC card, where there is lower level fighters, some main fights and a main event. The fights must of already happened.

I got to thinking about this after watching some great pride fights.

My Card so far is

1) Don Frye v Yoshihiro Takayama

If you haven't seen this, it is awesome, they clinch and go crazy

2) Mark Coleman v Shogun

If the broken arm wasn't enough, the brawl that happened afterwards is crazy.

3) Bob Sapp v Big Nog

How good is that power bomb right at the start

4) Nick Diaz v Robbie Lawler

What a fight, when they break for a second and Lawler is shouting.

5) Evan Tanner v Phil Barroni

When the fight is stopped early and Phil hits the ref.

6) Nick Diaz v Takanori Gomi

I know the decision was over turned, but what a finish Diaz shows off his BJJ

7) Dan Henderson v Wandi

Spinning back fist

8) Chuck Liddell v Tito

I loved the hype to this fight.

I think this is a great card, however I haven't seen that much pride yet, just bought 20 - 33. And am working my way through them. I think the main event could be better...I know I dont have Fedor or Randy on the card...

Look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with.

4/4/08 11:44:57PM
Scott Smith vs Pete Sell
Smith's KO was awesom to watch

Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi
Tough battle ending in a fairly rare submission

Cro Cop vs Big Nog
Nog took alot of punishment before the sub

Forrest Griffen vs Stephan Bonnar
This fight was a battle and took the UFC to another level

Robbie Lawler vs Frank Trigg
Back and forth with a brutal KO

Jamie Varner vs Rob McCullough
Varner beats Razor Rob at his own game

Aleksander Emelianenko vs James Thompson
Thompson's look and bullrush then good night

Anderson Silva vs Chris Leben
At the time not too many UFC fans even knew whos Anderson was. Welcome to the UFC

Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia
Out of retirement (i guess you could call it that) and beats the big guy.

There are so many fights that I could do. This is the first time I have put together a list like this. What do you think.
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