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11/24/09 4:55:44PM
Hey everybody,

I'm an Asst. Manager at a gym in California that's kind of small but we've had plenty of our members ask about MMA and different kinds of equipment they'd like in our place. Not really knowing much about MMA, is there any place to go for equipment? I've seen,, I think it looks like a good place to start, are there any others?

Thanks for any help!
11/25/09 12:48:18PM
11/25/09 4:08:12PM
Century Martial Arts

Performance MMA

Century Martial Arts is a good supplier. My gym uses them as well as Combat Sports, but I've used Performance MMA because they carry a couple brands that the others don't and if you spend $100 they ship free. Had very good experience with them so far.

Combat Sports and Century are also top notch.
12/6/09 6:26:34PM
MMA Warehouse
Volatile Fight Gear
6/17/10 3:13:10AM
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