Mizuki Inoue tears ACL, out of running for Invicta title fight against Angela Hill

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9/23/16 8:00:16PM
One of the best prospects in women's MMA is going to be out for a while.

Mizuki Inoue tore her ACL recently and will require surgery, sources told MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani. Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp confirmed the information and said Inoue was on the short list of potential next challengers for Angela Hill's strawweight title.

Typically, an athlete will need around one year to recover from ACL surgery. It's unclear if there's any kind of loose timetable for Inoue's return.

9/23/16 9:01:05PM
That blows. She was one of my favourite Invicta fighters
9/23/16 9:35:53PM
I will be looking forward to Angela "The Race Baiter" Hill to lose whenever or to whoever she fights.

She recently was on twitter talking crap about Stephen Thompson getting a Title Shot. She said that the Stephen Thompson is getting a Title Shot because that's the UFC's Great White Hope.

But she failed to mention that Woodley didn't deserve a Title Shot to begin with or did she mention that the only 3 logical choices were all White; Thompson, GSP and Maia (Brazilian White).

She's an idiot, Thompson just recently Ko'd Hendricks quickly and dominated Rory McDonald. He is also on a 7 fight win streak. Where as Woodley got a Title shot after only 2 wins after he was dominated by a fighter that Thompson dominated.
9/24/16 11:02:08AM
this really sucks for Inoue..first her parents wouldnt let her on TUF after she beat Bec and now this..i really hoping she recovers fast and claims the belt and then gets a shot in the UFC..she's always showing something she learned and puts everything she learned in the gym to use in a fight..unlike alot of fighters who train in all aspect of fighting, but yet only uses 1 style of fighting, huh?? come back strong Inoue, looking forward to ur next fight..