I miss openweight tourneys and fights...

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12/27/14 4:59:07PM
Remember the great PRIDE openweight tourneys......

To me this epitomizes MMA....2 men reguardless of size fight to see which is better ...size or technique....

Now we are all familiar with mws,hws,lhws,and super hws participating but ive had a thought......

What if an openweight tourney tookplace but featured from flyweight to lighyweight.

It would imo produce some of the most memorable fights in history and give an actual foothold for the completely imaginary p4p rankings.

Only weight requirements is you weigh atleast 125 and no more then 155

Come whatever weight you feel is your best fighting weight,seed the fighters and let history happen.

What do you guys think?

And a secondary question in a 16 man tourney who would you have fight?
12/27/14 5:51:16PM
I would love if the ufc did this. Top 4 fighters from each weight class including the champs.
12/27/14 6:04:48PM
I dont

I actually prefer the sport the way it is now.

Open weight fights are to freakshowish for my liking..... to many of the match ups are just silly.
12/27/14 7:05:39PM
Me too! Bring on Mighty Mouse vs Overeem!!!!
12/27/14 7:44:19PM
From a gambling perspective, I love the tournaments. This coming from a guy that bet DC +1200 to win the Strikeforce GP. But simply put, they stink. Imagine how many guys would pull out due to injury. Probably ALL of them. Fighters bitch now that they aren't being treated fairly. I'm sure open weight tournaments would surely change their stance on things.
12/27/14 9:57:19PM
Like i said this wouldnt be minowaman vs crocop...,.more like Demetrius johnson vs oh i dunno jose aldo or renan barao ...

The way everyone is bloating and cutting weight and considering all the divisions i mentioned are each only separated bt 5lbs i think its doable.

Would prove who is p4p bedt instead of BS marketing.
1/1/15 2:52:18PM
Won't ever happen in the ufc.

I do miss those pride tournaments
1/1/15 2:53:46PM
Fun to watch but illegal in North America.

We won't be seeing any open weight tourneys or fights unless they are held overseas.
1/2/15 4:12:30PM
Battlegrounds had that 1night tournament and it was in America.

What im proposing isnt that extreme....

From 125-155 is at a max a 30lb weight difference.....in hw division alone the possible weight difference is 50lbs+

Plus most fighters could come in whatever is comfortable to them so weights woukd be relatively close.

Id rather see this then ANY WMMA ......
1/2/15 5:47:56PM

Posted by FKA

Battlegrounds had that 1night tournament and it was in America.

What im proposing isnt that extreme....

From 125-155 is at a max a 30lb weight difference.....in hw division alone the possible weight difference is 50lbs+

Plus most fighters could come in whatever is comfortable to them so weights woukd be relatively close.

Id rather see this then ANY WMMA ......

1 night tournaments are still able to be sanctioned in North America, Open weight fights are not.
1/2/15 6:11:11PM
So having guys fight 3 times in a night can get sanctioned but a fight which is well within a weight differential that already exists in a functioning weight class is far fetched????
1/2/15 6:28:23PM
I miss the tournamens. Only problem are the injuries, especially if it's all on one night.

Ufc will never do them, I guess Dana's ass is still hurting when Rampage beat his boy Chucky in Japan years ago. Long flight home for Dana and Chuck the next day.
1/2/15 6:33:02PM

Posted by FKA

So having guys fight 3 times in a night can get sanctioned but a fight which is well within a weight differential that already exists in a functioning weight class is far fetched????

Most sanctioning bodies probably wouldn't even sign off on multiple fights in a night, Battlegrounds had to go to Oklahoma to do their tourney and even they had to limit it to a single weight class.

I can't speak for commissions and I don't know anything for a fact, but there hasn't been an openweight fight held in the US since the early UFC days, well before the institution of weight classes.
1/12/15 5:45:19AM
Imiss all the tournaments.......
1/12/15 7:26:24PM
MMA is at it's most interesting in a tournament format, just like any sport. It's why every legitimate sport in the world just about is concluded with a tournament to see who is the best.
1/12/15 8:29:00PM
Open-weight tourneys and fights are still technically legal by the Unified Rules of MMA depending on how the local AC wants to interpret the wording in the rules (AKA take on the possible medical risk), `Multiple individual fights possibly in the same night` instead of `One night, 8-man tourney` for non-promotional purposes and of course assessing that the larger and smaller fighters involved are equally matched enough to not present an obvious health risk via one-sided beatdown. Not gonna see many if any AC's willing to tackle that ever but they could if they wanted to.
6/25/15 2:18:41PM
Seems scott coker is trying to check off my personal wishlist 1 by 1 lol.

A one night lhw tourney featuring some of the best lhws in the world in my home the bay area san jose California!

Also a hybrid card modeled after the old New years k-1 dynamite cards.......im ecstatic!!!!

Definitely getting tickets.

I hope the hybrid card continues the trend of the tentpole shows and breaks viewership records again.

In comparison to bjorns old format......

Cokers non tentpole style shows(bare bones lil production and lil promotion)have averaged the same amount of viewers bjorn was.

The tentpole shows are proving to increase viewers by 10-14%

Coker is doing quite well i like how hes blending classic mma with new school.

6/25/15 3:46:52PM
I like pre spike bfc much better still. The biggest boost bfc has now is high quality production value which is anything but bare bones. I like the new stuff minus the using yesterday's stars as the frontmen. That will be a problem, big views for old celebrities instead of good peek fighters will only last so long.
6/25/15 4:44:13PM
Only the big shows get great production values,the in between cards get lights and lazers lol with the run of the mill mma entrance.

I agree the geezer fights are not a good look,i don't like them anymore then most people.......the probkem is they are getting results in the MILLIONS.

The only benefit is that the main card got a GREAT amount of exposure i mean a 1.6 million average viewers for whole show os down right impressive.

Pre coker bellator was a last resort for alot of guys and didnt really have a clear direction especially after ppv attempt.

Coker is well respected and is giving us some retro mma style that i fucking love.

The graphics fir entrances really get me excited for fights,as well as giving us a quality tournament arguably one of the best tourneys bellator ever put together.

Bjorn ran too many shows to keep up with or care about and quality of fighters deteriorated as time went on.Champions were on the shelf too long and alot of guys didn't want to go through a whole tourney fir a title shot.cole konrad retired due to quality of opponents and not fighting enough.

Cokers vision is much more solid and has been quite profitable for viacom .
6/25/15 4:51:52PM
Since the announcement of the hybrid card its got my mind racing..........what does mr sakakibara have up his sleeve and how will bellator play a role?

I loved bjorns version at first but it was clear he was oversaturating with shows every week,now its easy to follow bellator and fights get time to be promoted more and i look forward to events.

If bellator kept trying to go the ppv model i can guarantee it would be dead.

Even i wouldn't buy most ppvs even with current roster.

Cokers tentpole idea has thus far topped itself each time in ratings so WAR COKER!

Lets see if we can get an openweight tournament outta ol BELLAFORCE lol.
6/25/15 5:54:06PM
I was talking about overall general production value since January 2013, not ring entrances, those are only a single piece of making a show. It's never been big shows only it's been the standard by which Spike has packaged and presented their content cumulatively.

With old stars, it's not about good mma. NASCAR would be 10 times as popular if it was required that half the divers drive in the opposite direction. Train wrecks and freak shows draw attention, but is it for the reason you want? It's not a solid basis to live or grow off of because it undermines the content which wold ideally be valued, high quality competition between high talent athletes. The benefit of exposure becomes an afterthought when the reason for said exposure is based on being sold something far less valuable as if it is the only thing worth valuing. It makes sense in entertainment independent of sports but negates the better aspects available from the sport itself.

Pre coker, BFC complled me to care and be interested in many younger, newer and up an coming stars along with established talent who did not have a prime outlet to showcase their abilities. They did so by being unique and providing content I had a demand for frequently with easy accessibility. Today it feels like how you describe Bellator how it once was. Old guys who can't cut it or are out of their prime are finding a home at the top of Bellator cards in place of newer, emerging talent. They also give a lot less now, very few fights on this schedule.

The main reason I dislike what coker is doing is it just seems like a casualization of what was a fine MMA product. It's a backwards step for someone like me to see the promotion go gong ho on all of this old talent, they are not attempting to sell me good MMA, they are trying to sell me name recognition from guys who made their name in another time. They have good fights and good fighters but brush them aside to appease people who don't or won't care. Cooker is trying to push BFC forward in a cheapening casual way imo, cheap eyes from non-fans never will be fans for yesterdays stars, that works in a sense. Bjorn built up a good thing mostly without those methods being a staple, until he sold to viacom that is.

I'd prefer the old BFC, even if that means smaller numbers and less ad revenue, because to me it represent the real value of the sport. People didn't tune in for old b-list celebs, retired pro athletes, former pro wrestlers, yesterdays stars, etc., they tuned into to see good fights from tomorrows stars.

The tourneys and cross show are interesting at least. This is the predicament, a friend of mine who seen maybe 20 cards over the past 20 years and will never be in the habit of watching regularly, he is all about tito ortiz being on this card and is complaining it should be the only fight on the card. Tito Ortiz is not extremely interesting to me though in 2015 as an MMA fan.
6/25/15 6:58:32PM
I agree that selling old man fights is not a great credability builder lol but i dont think the 1.6 million people who watched the entire show were casuals it was the ppl who tuned in and peaked ratings to 2 million.

As for talent for every ken shamrock and kimbo signing there has been many young talented prospects who have signed and will continue to do so.

I've said it before I'll say it again,coker is using his exact building model he used with strikeforce.

Started with old faces and even hybrid cards,copromotion and fighter sharing,tournaments when necessary,grew strikeforce to a legitimate #2(always ahead of bellator)and with viacons deep pockets im not worried they will sell out.

They are making good money and more they make the more they invest.

Im looking toward the post freakshow era of BELLAFORCE......

While im not in support of geezer fights i can see why they are doing it.

Viacom is a corporate entity they aren't in this to get average views they want numbers and returns on investments.

Its apparent to me viacom is pushing the big geezer fights they started pushing thst idea on bjorn......

But i think now that coker has put together a good business model making revenue and breaking company records across the boards.......they are giving him more control and freedom as evident with the hybrid card announcement.

IMHO i think in a year or 2 we will see bellator full evolution to a strikeforce kinda level.
6/25/15 7:08:58PM
I hope so.