Michael Chiesa was worried he was going to soil himself at UFC on FOX 19

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4/17/16 10:00:27AM
Michael Chiesa talks about his UFC on Fox 19 victory over Beneil Dariush, having to go number two during the fight, the choke he used to submit Dariush, what's next and much more.

4/17/16 10:12:04AM
Maybe Chiesa almost shitting himself had to do with him getting picked apart on the feet....at least that's what he says. I think he still would have gotten picked apart on the feet either way but maybe not as bad, idk. lol

Good for him on coming back to get that win and silly of Dariush to try and grapple when he was having such success on the feet.
4/17/16 12:01:44PM
Chiesa always eats shots, although he got rocked last night he is still steadily improving his striking defence.. His strongest asset is always going to be his back take, ability to eat punishment and his pressure as the fight goes on.

Not sure if it was a silly move by Dariush, he is after all a freak on the floor and maybe he underestimated Chiesa's strength in the clinch because Chiesa basically man handled him to the ground at the beginning of the second.. May have been lazy on Dariush part in the way he went about it at the beginning of the second.. Shoulda known Chiesa comes out gun blazing after the first.. That is being super critical though IMO.

Chiesa is definitely legit top 10 now and a handful for most there. Would like to see him vs winner of pettis and Barboza. Will not be satisfied until Kabib fights Ferguson that is a must see match up at LW for me
4/17/16 2:29:29PM
For some reason I thought both him and Khabib kind of called out Tony last night...I think Khabib would have a much better shot against him because of that striking discrepancy.