Michael Bisping on Luke Rockhold: 'I don't think he'll ever be the same again'

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9/21/16 11:15:19AM
It's safe to say Michael Bisping doesn't have many friends in the UFC's middleweight division nor is he looking to make any.

In light of these developments, Bisping took to Champion.co to express he feelings on Weidman and Rockhold and their future prospects as well as to respond again to some of the comments made by Weidman.

"I thought Rockhold was going the Derek Zoolander route, but I guess that might not be working out for him as well as he thought it would. Maybe the winner can get a school for people who can't read good and who want to learn to do other stuff good, too."

"Seriously, though, I think Jacare beats him. I don't think Rockhold will ever be the same again. I think I exposed him, to be honest. I think I exposed his chin, for sure. If Jacare stands in the pocket with him, he can definitely catch him. Vitor did it, I did it and Jacare can do it, too.

"Rockhold is good, don't get me wrong. He's got great kicks and very, very good jiu-jitsu, but he doesn't have very good hands. If you get past the kicks and get him close, you can catch him.

"The good thing for me is that one of them gets beat. I couldn't care less which one it is. I'll fight the winner of that one or the winner of Yoel Romero vs. Chris Weidman. Makes no difference to me."

9/21/16 6:04:56PM
im so glad we got to experience Bisping as champ. he has stepped his shade throwing game up a notch.

if you hate him, you have to admit that its nice that he made you care instead of being some boring stick in the mud that you dont care about at all.

we'll miss him when hes gone
9/21/16 6:45:02PM
He makes a good point. Rockhold was so cocky and got KTFO by one of the least devastating punchers in all of combat sports Definitely will be hard to come back from.