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4/20/08 7:54:11PM
i met manny the other night.. talked with him for a little bit, while smoked a lot of hookah.. i ended up being at the hookah bar until 4AM. he said wants nate diaz.

thats actually not me, thats my friend. im the guy holding the hookah hose haha. hopefully ill have a pic of me soon

4/20/08 8:01:17PM
How tall would you say he was?
4/20/08 8:22:43PM
5'4 maybe.. my friend is around 5'11 and hes slouching in that pic
4/20/08 8:48:47PM
I think manny beats Diaz
4/20/08 8:54:12PM

Posted by CactusBob

How tall would you say he was?

He is 5'5.
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