UFC 82 Medical Suspensions Announced

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3/4/08 12:00:24PM
The Ohio Athletic Commission as announced the medical suspensions from UFC 82. Just 4 were suspended, all for precautionary reasons.

3/4/08 12:03:58PM
Am surprised Cummo or Bielkheden didn't get at least a 30 day suspension.
They both ate a lot of shots.
3/4/08 12:26:19PM
They just seemed to single out all the guys who got TKO'd, or KO'd in Tanner's case. Cummo lost by UD and Biekhelden lost by submission-since it was by strikes I guess they felt he didn't need a suspension and neither guy must have had any cuts that could've been problematic.
3/5/08 7:51:29PM
Commo is already suspended for infractions after the fight. For turning his ass into a starbucks.
3/5/08 7:57:13PM
I'm surprised Kongo doesn't have broken ribs.
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