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9/10/10 2:20:10AM
link Spending time in Germany growing up taught Kris McCray how to speak the native tongue, and he'll get the chance to show that off as the 11th season "Ultimate Fighter" runner-up will head to Deutschland on Nov 13 for UFC 122 as he faces Brazilian Carlos Eduardo Rocha in a welterweight bout on the card.
9/10/10 10:40:50AM
I like McCray and hope the UFC takes their time with him. I know nothing about this Rocha character, though, so I won't even attempt to make a prediction just yet.
9/10/10 12:29:08PM
the savage!

I think they are trying to build McCray up just a little with throwing a newcomer at him.
9/10/10 12:35:34PM
I think they're building up an undefeated newcomer by giving him a TUF finalist.
9/10/10 4:20:58PM
Looks like I will be doing some homework on rocha
9/10/10 4:24:11PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Looks like I will be doing some homework on rocha

He's beaten like 8 guys with a combined W/L record of 25-45 or something like that. I know that much.
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