Why a Mayweather vs. McGregor type fight never happened historically, and why it can happen now

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3/19/17 3:46:52PM
Dana White's latest revelation, that a proposed Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor fight will probably happen, besides being a quick about-face from what he was saying just days earlier, speaks more to modern technology's ability to drive so much revenue on a singular night than anything else.

It's been roughly 11 years since the UFC was able to hang with boxing, and eventually surpass boxing (except for rare superfights) as a consistent pay-per-view draw. From that point, the idea of a true top drawing boxer vs. top drawing UFC fighter would have always been a big one-night money grab. But there was a logical reason it would never happen, aside from when the past-his-prime James Toney faced Randy Couture. It's the same reason that for the last 100 years similar matches with the biggest boxer of any given era against the biggest wrestling star of any given era never took place...

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3/19/17 8:18:28PM
Pretty wordy article to express the thought that this fight could happen because:

a) It would be under boxing rules, making it appealing to Floyd.
b) While Floyd may be the bigger star, his sport is on the decline and he is all but retired anyway.
c) The money to be made is so lucrative that both Floyd and the UFC feel it's worth any potential risk to their reputation or future revenue.
d) In the likely event that McGregor loses "...Dana White will talk endlessly about after it's over — that McGregor played somebody else's game and nobody should take the result seriously —..."

It's a win for everybody, regardless of the victor.
3/19/17 9:10:51PM
Connor has a real good lawyer. Better then the mafioso obviously.when dana found out he can't stop it from happening he's certainly going to hop on the money train
He has zero control over the situation especially with the new owners who are all about money fights and doesn't know what to do about it anymore.
He has no choice but to bend over.