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4/8/07 11:36:23PM

all these challenges flying around something has to pan out
4/9/07 12:33:12AM
That made my head hurt to read. The guy cant talk to save his life.
4/9/07 3:17:50AM
Mayweather wouldn't stand a chance in MMA. Not a round. Liddell would KHTFO. Now in a straight boxing match Chuck would be in a bit of trouble... but so few people in his weight class would actually go out with everything they have from round one, and his style is so "unorthodox" that it would throw a lot of other fighters... I'd actually give him an even chance against a mid-level pro-figter.
4/9/07 6:06:37AM
I think Mayweather would beat Liddell in a boxing match. I don't think he could ever KO him. esp with boxing gloves.

In MMA, I have no doubt that Liddell would win. I dont think he would stand with Mayweather in the smaller MMA gloves. Too risky. Maywether CAN outstrike chuck with his hands, and he probally has better movement than chuck.

but in the MMA match, Chuck would take Mayweather down in an instant and submitt him in under three minutes. I would bet the house on it.

This fight will never happen, sorry :(
4/9/07 7:28:31AM
Sadly i agree...

Now...i wouldnt mind seeing Liddell and Mayweather in a kickboxing match!
4/9/07 12:37:26PM
What garbage.
4/9/07 12:48:25PM
i just figure with all this shit talking somone is going to have to put up or shut up.

if mayweather thinks he is so superior why doesn't he fight somone mma. it's because he knows he will get his ass handed to him. he i just a loud mouth, and i have no respect for him.

did you notice on the proposed boxing match that mayweather didnt want to fight lidell. he wanted to put somone else up against him. he dont even want to fight him in a boxing match. he should just shut his mouth
4/9/07 12:50:21PM
Wow pointless, of course he could beat Chuck in a boxing match, he's one of the top 3 p4p in the world.
4/9/07 1:56:11PM
i noticed that mayweather wanted CHUCK to fight somebody else as well....
what an idiot he is how can he say ufc is just a fad.. he obviously doesen't watch the sport of mma...
To compare two sports that are so different is just stupid but all the boxing junkies will jump on the bandwagon now....
if his balls are as big as he's trying to make out he wont have any problem stepping into the cage to face chuck......

like that would ever happen

i like the sport of boxing but when fighters come out with garbage like this i begin to lose respect for them
4/9/07 2:12:17PM
He is coming from a bland, boring sport that is losing popularity. He is just trying to whip up a bit of excitement for the superfight.

He is a disrespectful jerk though, he needs to shut up, or step into the cage with Chuck, and we know that neither of those outcomes are likely.
4/9/07 2:59:03PM
Somebody should let Mayweather know that Pankration is a sport that dates all the way back to ancient Greece.
4/9/07 10:29:55PM
Mayflowers a troll. I bet any C level BJJ guy can tap him out
5/5/08 4:03:27PM
Mayweather is a doush. He can come gain some weight and then fight UFC and get his ass rocked. Or he can go be a fag with WCW. whatever he does Floyd Mayweather is a bitch!
5/5/08 4:57:53PM
meh... I got over him a long time ago. He talked about Sherk and now it's Liddell. He bores me, he always says later "oh, I was just hype building. We're all good". At least a lot of s--- talkers would step up if given the chance. Chuck's not a boxer, so this means nothing.
5/5/08 5:48:16PM
He's a sad pathetic little man,that realizes very few care about his luxurious boxing career.He talked MMA,only to go into the WWE for a fixed match.Then,instead of actualy going into MMA,the runt decides to be a coach on the worlds morst horrible show, "Iron Ring".

I can only imagine how Mayweather will be treated by history 50 years from now.I don't think it will be good.
And like Lets_Do_This_ mentioned above,Pankration has been around since ancient greece.It was even taught to Alexander the Great and his army.
5/5/08 6:44:45PM

" if they feel Chuck Ladell (ph) is so good, if Chuck Ladell (ph) weighed 207 pounds, I don’t know how much Chuck Ladell (ph) weighs, like I said before, if Chuck Ladell (ph), I think he weighs like 220 or something We should take Chuck Ladell (ph) and this is me, "

Whatever you say floyd.
5/5/08 8:03:15PM
just so you guys know this thread is a year old it was posted in april of last year, i wasnt sure if you were aware of it or not.
5/5/08 11:24:19PM
5/5/08 11:26:40PM
This guy mayweather is the most uneducated little f*** I have ever heard. Nothing he said made any sense and heaven forbid if he actually completed a full sentence. It is all hype and if he got hit once by Chuck, i take that back Chuck would just kick him in his little head and send him back to boxing where he belongs.
5/6/08 1:34:01AM
Mayweather wants to prove something come fight a MMA match but issuing boxing challenge to MMA fighters is just lame. Its like a wrestler issuing a challenge to a boxer to come wrestle him. This is Mayweathers way of trying to get press.
5/6/08 11:49:43AM
this is totally ******* stupid to even discuss, Mayweather is like 5' 4" and chuck is 6 foot something it would be a slaughter.....
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