'Mayhem' Miller Says Fight With Nick Diaz Was Almost Signed Last Week

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12/22/10 7:27:29PM
Jason "Mayhem" Miller has spent the better part of the last year campaigning for a fight with Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz. Now it seems as if that door may be closing for good.

"We almost had the fight together," Miller told MMA Fighting on Wednesday.

Almost, but not quite.

After getting ganged up on by Diaz and his teammates on live network TV in April, the goal of getting Diaz alone in the cage seemed to nearly consume the "Bully Beatdown" star. He printed t-shirts, started a website, and did countless interviews all about how badly he wanted the fight. Now that Strikeforce has decided to match his nemesis up with Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos instead, Miller can't help but feel a little disappointed.

12/22/10 7:39:26PM
I think miller would have his hands full but i would definitley be pushing for that fight to if i was in his shoes. After the gong show that ensued when the shields fight had concluded i can see why he has a sour taste in his mouth. Wish this fight would just happen or go away.
12/22/10 8:19:06PM
mayhem is a great fighter and he's pretty hilarious but im getting tired of hearing about this fight. i think mayhem would win but i dont think we'll ever get to find out.
12/22/10 10:02:37PM
I really DON'T want this fight. For me, it's one of those ones where you like both guys and are really bummed because one of them has to lose.
12/22/10 11:10:20PM
Mayhem will soon leave Strikeforce for the UFC. The only reason Miller and guys like Fedor stay in Strikeforce is because they like to fight in Japan also. But bad match-up decisions by Scott Coker will drive fighters away.
12/23/10 2:41:24AM
Yeah to be honest this has gone on too long and become 10x more hype than fight
12/23/10 11:56:28AM
if dana white was smart hed snatch both these guys up and tell them to fight each other on his card.
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