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10/10/07 10:20:45PM
Mark Cuban has always enjoyed a good scrap. Now the volatile Dallas Mavs owner wants to mix it up as a martial arts businessman. A MMA fan for years, Cuban recently unveiled his latest brainchild, HDNet Fights, a new MMA organization poised to make an impact on one of America's fastest-growing sports.

Through HDNet Fights, Cuban will sign pro fighters, broadcast bouts on his high-def cable channel and promote live events. His first card is set for this Saturday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

10/10/07 10:33:21PM
If Cuban bought M-1 I;m going to be freakin' pissed unless he signs Barnett and Mark Coleman...

Then have Fedor face them a few times so at least hes fighting known peopl and in Barnett a top 10 fighter at that and if he dominates Barnett then I will be even more pissed because then they will start throwing No names at him and he will decrease in skill level since he has nobody to push him to the best of his ability...

ZUFFA BUY- M-1!!!!!! Then allow Fedor to do Sambo because it's not a big freakin deal. Feod ris one of the best at Sambo and if your the best at something don't you want to prove you still are the best year after year in tournaments against the best?

Freakin Dana white is started to piss me off because he reminds me of Vince Mcmahon
10/10/07 11:25:40PM
i think in the most recent contract attempt they let him do sambo, agreed to sign a bunch of his team members and still paid him 2mil per fight. Knowing that, it makes you wonder how difficult fedor's management actually was.

The organization that bought m-1 said that fedor would be fighting by january/feburary.. so here's my theory:

- a subsidiary of Zuffa bought m-1
- Fedor will be allowed to fight in both promotions, as well as sambo. All of the fighters that red devil wanted to put in the ufc will fight in m-1
- Finklestein will run m-1 for the most part, but he'll still have to answer to zuffa management, meaning that zuffa will have control over when and where fedor fights
- This will be zuffa's attempt at a promotion in the asian market
- fedor is now allowed to support his country
- fedor is now fighting top competition
- finklestein is now running a properly funded fight promotion
- all of red devil's fighters have contracts
- everyone's happy.

What do you think guys?
10/11/07 12:20:40AM
absolutely rediculous. I'm sure most of us would love for that to be the case, but let's get back to reality.
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