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11/27/07 7:52:53AM
After all the talk and a reality show that fueled a rivalry, Matt Serra had to drop out of his title defense against Matt Hughes due to a devastating back injury that will keep the Ultimate Fighting Championship titleholder out of action at least through his December fight date.

He spoke exclusively to about the injury and the upcoming bout between Hughes and Georges St-Pierre.

11/27/07 8:41:00AM
I'd like to hear those reasons he'd rather fight Hughes than GSP.
11/27/07 6:29:42PM
Because he absolutely hates Hughes with a passion. Can't blame him either Hughes always seems to have that demeanor of "I am human perfection and you're all garbage." He is one of the best fighters in the world in my opinion, but he is also one of the biggest egocentric, hypocritical dicks in the world.
11/27/07 7:26:28PM
I hope he can come back, in proper shape. He's not as good as his last fight showed, unless you believe someone is only as good as their last fight, but he is very talented. He's been taking this so seriously since getting the opportunity he did. He doesn't want to waste either the chance to be a good champ or to beat up matt hughes (no saying he def would, but that's what he wants to do).
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