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4/8/07 11:21:38AM

What makes Hughes the Tool of the Day is the fact that he participated in his own forum that he rarely ever participates in only to spout off on some likely future match-ups with the intention of avoiding GSP altogether suggesting that GSP will always be around for his rematch.
4/8/07 3:59:56PM
So Matt supposedly said this

"I tell you that before that fight was even over I went up to Dana White and pulled his shoulder and said "THATS MY FIGHT, THATS MY FIGHT". I was a little pumped at the time. I would guess that I would fight Matt, Kos would fight GSP, Diego would fight Finch. Just my oppinion. I wanted Matt to win so bad. I knew that was the only way I would ever fight him. I can wait to fight GSP. He will always be around to get my rematch. Thanks for the support, matt"

ANYONE who believes Matt said that is stupid because if you read it, why would Matt say he's going to fight Matt?

It's obvious Matt didn't say that crap...
4/8/07 4:17:05PM
Well, not that I am saying you're wrong, but why wouldn't Matt Hughes call Matt Serra, Matt?

I would also think that Hughes would put more effort into the spelling of that text and I also think Hughes would not call fighters by their nicknames. i.e. He would call Georges St. Pierre, Georges and not GSP.

Unless you are referring to his 'signing' at the end...
4/8/07 4:21:49PM
You're right... I had just realized that he was probably referring to Matt Serra, and came to edit my post ...Damm, Now I'm the stupid one...LOL

But, like you said, Why would he say Thanks for the support Matt? I still doubt the validity of that forum post.

I highly doubt Matt Hughes has anything to do with that forum personally. because if you look at the "Matt Hughes" Title under his name it says "admin"....Like Matt has time to admin a web forum, or the knowledge of how to...LOL

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