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11/14/07 12:32:08PM
Nate Marquardt vs. Thales Leites Set for UFC 81.

With a new contract in hand, Nate Marquardt (25-7-2 MMA, 4-1 UFC) will return from July’s loss to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva to take on Thales Leites (12-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC). The middleweight bout will be part of Feb. 2’s UFC 81 event, which takes place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.
11/14/07 12:56:57PM
Should be a great fight
11/14/07 1:12:08PM
Im looking forard to this fight hoping to see a good rebound win from nate after his loss to silva
11/14/07 2:40:21PM
Great fight!

Glad to see the UFC are giving Marquardt another shot.
11/14/07 2:47:36PM
great matchup, if leites wins he puts himself in the top teir.
11/14/07 2:49:04PM
If Leites wins i think that would envoke a title shot.....I dont anyone else in that division at this point that would be a contender for Silva....
11/14/07 2:49:49PM
What a good fight that will be. Heres hoping they can stay healthy in training!
11/14/07 4:40:29PM
I'm pumped, anytimes Thales is fighting I'll definetly wher;s Drew McFedries, once he's back i'm al set
11/14/07 4:45:28PM
heres to hoping leites wins so we have another guy to get a crack at anderson, it should be a great fight though.
11/14/07 6:34:12PM
Leites by SUB he is the only challenger for Anderson right now since Okami is gone and Henderson doesn't want to drop unless they want to throw Kampmann in there coming out of surgery
11/14/07 6:55:12PM
Im pulling for Leites i really like this kid
11/14/07 8:45:44PM
Should be a good but boring fight.
11/15/07 6:58:23AM

Posted by kevietre

Should be a good but boring fight.

WTF does that mean?

There are 3 sleepers in the MW division and Leites is imho the best of them (Drew and Kampman are the others), he has the style to beat Silva and i think he will sub Nate in this fight and hopefully get a title shot with it
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