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5/23/08 12:14:48PM
Hey everyone I’m back.

I just finished the last 24 days of training camp at Sit Yod Tong with Mark Dellagrotte to prepare for my upcoming fight with Mike Swick at UFC 85: “Bedlam” at the O2 Arena in London, England, on June 7.

Going in to camp I tipped the scales at 190 pounds. I am currently moving between 182 to 179 depending on the time of day. I got loads of sparring in and worked a lot with my teammates Jorge Rivera and Keith Florian. I also did strength sessions with Kevin Kerns and boxing with my old boxing coach, Joe Lake.

Between MMA, boxing, grappling, plyometrics and weight training I found myself doing three to four sessions a day. I only took time to eat, sleep and train … seriously.

I’m currently back home and I’m tapering off and training at my gym — Team Irish MMA — in Bangor, Maine.

Mark Dellagrotte has come up with a great plan again and it’s just up to me to execute it on June 7th. You will see the strongest, fastest Marcus Davis yet. All and any support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

5/23/08 2:21:05PM
Davis appears to be the heavy Favorite- even though "anything can happen, i cant see what swick has that Davis does not have more of...
5/23/08 3:29:05PM
Davis has greater power in his hands. submissions are just as good and his standup is better. Davis all day long in this one.
5/24/08 12:24:25AM
i see davis taking a run at the title soon
his mma evolution has been one of the finest i have ever seen
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