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5/7/08 1:44:41PM
Hey, this is Marcus Davis also known as the “Irish Hand Grenade.”

Thanks to for the opportunity to give everyone a short report on what I’m going through to prepare for Mike Swick at UFC 85: “Bedlam” in London, England, on June 7.

I’m currently in Boston, Mass., training Muay Thai and MMA with coach Mark Dellagrotte of Sityodyong. I have pulled out every connection I have to prepare for this fight. Mark is the man with the plan and is putting me through my routine for my MMA training.

Furthermore, I have reconnected with my original boxing coach, Joe Lake, who is getting me back to some fundamentals. I’m also training with my teammate Kenny Florian and working with Peter Welch from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 1 and 2.

My strength and conditioning coach has been Garth Krane. He is an MMA fighter and former Canadian Olympic-caliber wrestler. I am the strongest I have ever been in my MMA career with a 375-pound bench and a 415-pound squat.

If people thought I could punch hard before … wait till you see what I am capable of come June 7! To check out pictures of the physical changes I’ve gone through head over to my page right here

5/7/08 2:29:52PM
i have been hearing about this for a while. Marcus seems to think he is in he greatest shape in his life and he claims that his punches are even harder and faster. With Lake helping him with the boxing we will see a more technical Marcus Davis, although he was technical to begin with. i'm interested to see how he does with the grappling training but as far as his conditioning his camp seems happy with his progress

this all depends on where Swick wants the fight. Swick has the wrestling and will dictate whether this will be a brawl or a grappling match. if he keeps it standing, he is going to get hit harder then any WW has ever been hit by a punch. i would like to see Marcus training his ground game, but Delegrotte will take care of the game plan, he is a professional.

this is going to be a great fight...WAR DAVIS!!!!!
5/7/08 3:33:27PM
I absolutely love this matchup! I like both figthers alot and I'm not sure yet on who I will be routing for in this one. Davis does have the heavier hands but Swick has the reach and is no slouch on his feet either. I think this fight might actually be won on the ground. Where I tend to believe Swick has the upper hand. Right now I'm leaning toward a decision win by Mike Swick.
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