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POLL: Mike Swick Or Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis Finish 86% (19)
Marcus Davis Decision 14% (3)
5/25/08 7:05:46PM
Ok, i just want to know everyone else's opinion on this fight, granted the board's a little in favor of marcus davis, im looking from a betting standpoint.

bodog has Davis at -115 right now, and i think thats ludacris. anything under -300 id take .

Swick and davis size wise i give them roughly about the same, with the strength advantage going to marcus. When swick was on the ultimate fighter fighting at 205 weight class he was around 195 (a little under if i recall) davis came into his training camp for this fight at about 190, and a good 190 at that.

Swick does not have the kind of chin davis has, and in his hands, his striking doesn't have that 1 punch ko power to ko your average fighter, much less one with a strong chin. while the opposite can be said for davis, however swicks kicks are pretty good, but since marcus got caught by paul taylor, i think he's worked a little bit harder on his kick defense.

i could go on forever, but another main point i see is davis just spent 3 weeks with mark dellagrote (sp) and his students are tearing it up recently (jorge rivera just ko'd kendall grove, and kenny florians stand up looking amazing against lauzon) and the AKA boys striking hasn't been that great recently (jon fitch vs. chris, wilson, koschecks looked pretty good however, but it didn't blow be out of the water, against dustin hazelett.)

the way i see the fight going is swick losing the battle against punches, and being reduced to telegraphed kicks. I dont see swick being able to take davis down (being in that he is a bit tall) and davis clipping swick and finishing with a tko in the 1st or second.

but what is everyone's opinion (apologies for the long windedness)

5/25/08 8:21:09PM
It's looking like a pretty boring fight. lol
I think Davis will win by Swickitine.
5/25/08 9:29:54PM
Davis wins with one hand grenade punch 1 round KO
5/25/08 9:33:41PM
Marcus Davis wins KO 2nd round
5/25/08 9:47:54PM
one of the x factors i see here in this fight is the time difference

the difference from going from boston to england vs san jose will be a little bit, but the main one being that davis has fought in the uk in his last 3 fights while the farthest swick has fought away from home in his career is a fight in Connecticut.

it doesnt seem like a lot, but the first time i went over to england i messed up my body mechanics for a week.

the way i see it mathematically standing, is if marcus davis has better than a 54% chance to win, then you bet on -115. and i have marcus at an easy 70-80% chance to win this fight. with swick only winning by possible (tko cuts) or decision.

i dont see him submitting davis by a long shot. hes only submitted 3 people, joe riggs being the only one of name, and i feel that joe riggs gave that submission up.
5/25/08 10:32:11PM
Swick, second round submission.
5/25/08 10:55:35PM
2nd round KTFO

5/26/08 9:41:42AM
I hope Davis wins. Not that I have anything against Swick, but I really don't want another AKA guy in the top 10 WW. It's all screwed up now with two of them in the "top 5"
5/26/08 10:39:55AM
I agree with Rush we don't need 3 or 4 I forget now guys from AKA whowon't fight each other all in the same weight class (Kos, Fitch, Swick, Alves?) and Ijust think that Davis is the better fighter. I tihnk it will end in round 2 when Swick realizes he has to start opening up and winning some exchanges if he wants even a punchers chance to win. Then Davis lands a devestating one two combo that puts Swick to sleep.
5/26/08 11:21:18AM
I believe Marcus Davis will win in Round 2 via KO.

Only reason why i say that is hes gonna wanna feel Swick out first.

5/26/08 12:45:23PM
5/26/08 12:52:01PM
I'm favoring Swick because he has an experiential edge in the over Davis. Should be a slugfest.
5/26/08 3:14:03PM
I keep leaning on Swick UD but man i think Davis will catch him i dont know when or how but he will
5/26/08 3:51:05PM

Posted by DiabloFreak56

I believe Marcus Davis will win in Round 2 via KO.

Only reason why i say that is hes gonna wanna feel Swick out first.

exactly what i have been saying this whole time. this is my breakdown:

i see Swick looking to trade with Davis. maybe for the first half of the first round, you will see the reach of Swick frustrating Marcus just a little. then, when he feels comfortable i see him getting past the reach and unloading some serious flurries. i can't see Swick KOing Davis. i don't know why some people question his chin, he was a pro boxer for many years and his only MMA loss to TKO was from a cut. granted he was dropped by Paul Taylor, but Taylor is an excellent kickboxer and he hit him with a well placed head kick that Marcus recovered from very quickly. he was able to pull off the armbar in that situation anyway. also, i can't see Swick submitting Marcus. Marcus' JJ is very underrated and a lot of people don't realize that he has been working grappling intensely since a year before TUF because he realized that submission were his weakness. i feel that is not the case anymore and i believe that Marcus' JJ is good enough not to get subbed, and maybe even good enough to get a submission if it hits the ground. i can't see Swick winning this fight, he just isn't powerful or quick enough in this division. i see a 2nd round KO for Marcus. Swick is going to try and come out fast and exciting to make up for his last fight, and with that mentality he will walk into a flurry world class punches that will hurt him badly if he is not careful.

Marcus by 2nd round (T)KO
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