UFC 85: Marcus Davis expects a knockout

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6/2/08 9:21:54AM
Marcus Davis is perhaps the most underrated fighter in the welterweight division right now. A contestant on season two of “The Ultimate Fighter,” he has become one of the most improved fighters in the sport today. When Davis first started in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he was known mostly as a boxer, but has improved his jiu-jitsu game substantially since.

He will look to continue his ride at UFC 85 against another Ultimate Fighter alumna, Mike “Quick” Swick. Knowing he was going to fight Swick pretty early on, Davis has been preparing for a while.

“I had a feeling the fight was going to happen way back at the UFC that happened at Ohio,” Davis commented. “I had already been offered the contract to fight Mike Swick, and I signed it. Since then, I've been focusing on this fight. I'm ready to get in and get it over with.”

Since The Ultimate Fighter, Davis has increased his strength and stamina tremendously and it has shown in his last few fights. The “Irish Hand Grenade” is looking to beef up even more for this fight.

“This is the longest training camp I had ever. I wanted to gain muscle mass. The heaviest I got was 193 pounds, but it was 193 pounds with eight percent body fat.”

6/2/08 11:07:53AM
Now, I'm not saying that Davis can't beat Swick but for him to think that he could beat Alves or Hughes is totally ridiculous. Davis has been handed some very one dimensional MMA fighters and should keep his trap shut until he beats someone that has something more then mediocre skills.
6/2/08 11:16:23AM
I dont doubt davis but im not sure if he can beat swick. Swick is taller, and pretty slick on the ground too and could keep his distance and pick davis apart.

but davis could work inside. but idk who's going to win. fight could go either way. I like both guys though. best of luck to both of them.
6/2/08 11:34:04AM
Swick better take this to the matt and get on top
if this fight stays on the feet Davis will put him to sleep
6/2/08 12:00:55PM
This fight is a tough one to pick, but i think im going to have to go with Davis just by the way swick looked in his last fight.
6/2/08 1:47:31PM
I definetally like how Marcus thinks. Everyone should think that they are going to win there fight or they shouldn't be fighting. As for knocking Swick out. I'm not sure about that. I acutally have this fight going to a decision win for Swick. I think Swick will be able to keep the distance between him and Davis and be able to win on points. He will probably take Davis down a few times in this match too. If this fight does end I think it will be a Swick submission. I like both fighters alot and they are both on my top 10 favorite fighters so I wish them the best of luck this weekend.
6/2/08 2:18:10PM
If Davis keeps adding muscle mass like that he isn't going to be able to make 170 much longer. He's getting really big.

I'd love to see a back and forth war here but at the same time i'd love see Davis win in dominant fashion. I'm going with Davis for the win. Obviously mikes best chance is on the ground but i expect him to try to stand and trade until he realizes he can't trade with Davis.
6/2/08 4:12:20PM
the thing to take away from swicks last fight, is how easy BURKMAN got inside of swick and threw punches.

davis' last 3 fights have been against strikers who like to throw kicks. and his ability to find range is pretty damn good.

davis is a southpaw, swick will have trouble with that.

this is swicks first fight farther than a time zone away in years. much less 7 or 8. while this is davis 4th fight in as many in the uk.

lookfor davis to win by tko in 1st or 2nd. he'll clip him and finish him off on the ground.

davis can win this by 1 punch, swick can't.
6/2/08 4:49:29PM
I smell swick-a-tine in the 1st, bet your money folks!
6/3/08 5:22:57AM
Expectancy = Complacency

Cant wait for this fight
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