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1/6/08 10:40:27PM
1/6/08 10:45:16PM
I got it for you

Marcus Davis Interview
1/6/08 10:46:36PM
1/6/08 11:57:02PM
i didnt do the link correctly so sorry, and i apparently can't spell\

thanks for the help though
1/7/08 12:18:21AM
My favorite fighter...i can't wait to see how 2008 unfolds for him. i see him making a run for the belt in 2009
1/7/08 12:34:48AM
No big deal man, just giving you some static!

I really like Marcus myself, his attitude is right, his physical talents are there, and if he does continue to learn/perform like he did in 07' then he will definately be looked at for title contention in 08' IMO.
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